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What are the Highest Paying Medical Professions Today?

Parents sometimes (jokingly) tell their children that they should pursue a career in medicine or law because those are high-paying, respected jobs. Plus, they serve as pillars of society and it’s worth bragging about. There are also some other fantastic, respected jobs out there.

Even within those disciplines, there are some jobs that pay more. A small-town attorney may not earn as much as an attorney who deals with litigation among corporations.

The same applies to medical professionals. While the average doctor is poised to earn a higher-than-average salary, there are some disciplines that pay better than others.

So, what are the highest paying medical professions out there?


No one really likes going to the dentist but it’s highly necessary. After all, they end up telling most patients to floss more and brush more while poking around one’s mouth.

Dentists, on average, earn about $175,000 per year. That can vary greatly depending on the discipline the dentist focuses on. With there being nine different dental disciplines, the average salary can vary greatly.

Dentists, however, do come out with a large amount of debt once finishing school, almost $300,000. The job, like most other medical professions, is expected to continue to grow over the next decade.


Pediatricians are doctors that work with children and teens. These positions are often sought out by many doctors due to the relatively high-pay and normal working hours. Unlike other doctors who may have to be on-call at bizarre hours, pediatricians often hold normal working hours for their patients.

The average salary of a pediatrician is about $183,000 and the job growth is expected to be around 7% over the next decade.

General Internists

What exactly does a general internist do? A general internist will look at any general issues that have to do with your internal organs. They are not as specialized as cardiologists or other similar doctors. It’s best to consider them as a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to internal organs.

The career path to becoming a general internist is quite long, as students will have to complete university, medical school, three years of residency, and then another 1-3 years of fellowship training.

The average salary for a general internist is around $185,000.

Family Practitioners


Everybody in the world has seen a family practitioner. If you’ve ever had a general problem such as a sore foot or slight fever, you’ve gone to a family practitioner first.

That being said, these doctors deal with just about everything that the general population brings to them. They are often the first line of defense and will refer patients to other doctors if the situation seems serious.

Due to their high need and usability, the average salary for a general practitioner is over $200,000.


These doctors deal with any emotional, behavioral, or mental disorders. They are not to be confused with psychologists, which deal with another range of issues.

Like other doctors, psychiatrists must go to medical school for four years and complete residency afterward. They must also pass a board exam and obtain their license which must be renewed every few years.

There is currently a need for more psychiatrists in the medical world, as more and more people are coming forward with mental or emotional issues.

The average salary for a psychiatrist is about $220,000.


Dealing with everything heart-related, cardiologists are responsible for examining and diagnosing anything with your ticker. They can perform surgery or simply recommend treatment for your heart.

Cardiologists require a lot of schooling so naturally, their earning potential will be a little higher. Cardiologists are also in high demand, so those looking for jobs in cardiology will surely have their pick around the country.

The average salary for a cardiologist is around $340,000.



The longest and most difficult doctor name on our list is also one of the most stressful. While their position may seem easy, there is a very thin line between putting someone to sleep for surgery and accidentally killing someone.

These doctors have to go through lots of schooling, more so than the average doctor. In addition to attending medical school and residency, they also have to undergo an internship and pass other exams to be officially certified.

Their average salary is around $390,000.

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