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U.S. Should Quit WHO & Do A Better Job


The USA should absolutely quit the World Health Organization. It has not done anything for the health of Americans other than take our money and provide cover for China’s criminal behavior. The WHO isn’t even about helping America – it’s about helping other countries and we are funding the 45 or 50% of the total budget.

We should declare we’re pulling out of the World Health Organization and have our own where if some country needs help we send our own people,  not just send money to the WHO that rakes off 20% going to  corruption and waste and then they send the money to “poor” countries where another 20% gets raked off for waste and corruption. After the WHO gets through feeding its face that doesn’t leave a whole lot to actually do what needs to be done. They have been known as being anti-American forever. They are the same as the United Nations.

If I had my way we would quit the United Nations as well, take all that money and call it the US Agency For World Health and we go help all the countries that we’re asked to help but we would do it directly with the same amount of money and get a much better return on our investment.  United Nations corruption and waste eats up at least 40% of any program funding by the time anything gets out of there. It is just a huge administrative bureaucracy that is uncontrollable and since so many of the countries that belong to the United Nations hate America why do we belong? Whenever we want to do something they tell us not to and so we run around trying to be the crowd-pleasers of the world.  Let’s use our money way more effectively! On the one hand they pass resolutions against us and on the other they are continually trying to tell us how to run our country. We need to quit that organization and start the US Agency For World Health and take that hundred million dollars we waste on other WHO, using our people going to those other countries and training those people to help themselves. We should not just send money to other countries without sending a person from the United States with it to see that it is distributed and spent correctly.

I think that’s where we’ve been going wrong – giving money to other countries without oversight because a lot of times it just ends up in the pockets of the of the leaders of the country through corruption. We have a lot of specific instances of that – Ukraine is a great one. Did you know that we have simply ‘lost’ $1.5 billion in Ukraine we can’t find?

WHO is worse than just an ineffective organization, it is virtually a Chinese government agency these days. Why don’t they just have China take it over and they can do their bidding full-time, because that’s what they’re doing already. For WHO to say that China was transparent in all of this current coronavirus stuff  is so ludicrous it’s beyond my imagination!  China, the UN, the WHO and even the US government may think the American people are stupid but I certainly don’t.  I do not underestimate the American people. I think they would love for the US to take back the money we’re giving to the completely disrespected World Health Organization, and I think if you had a vote in America it would be 70% (or more) voting to quit the United Nations. They do us no good and they certainly don’t stop any wars, and they are worse than ineffective in helping countries in need. Look at Tahiti – 60% of all the funds intended to help rebuild that devastated little country ‘disappeared’ thanks to UN “management”. The only management going on in Tahiti or anywhere else in the UN world is UN bureaucrats managing to steal as much as possible.

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