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Signs of the Times – Ben Garrison Cartoon

When Will Freedom Break out?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the outspoken socialist, referred to Christianity as a ‘ridiculous superstition.”

The Democrats have become the socialist party. They have become the anti-Christian party. Bernie Sanders constantly railed against ‘religious bigotry.” He was referring to Christianity, because many Christians do not like transvestites in demonic garb making sexual advances toward children at public libraries. Christians do not like abortion. The Democrats love abortion with an almost religious fervor. They worship it. They want to harass anyone who disagrees with them.

That’s what the police have been doing to churchgoers during this scamdemic. We have seen pastors and churchgoers getting arrested and fined. It’s an outrage. Social distancing is merely a recommendation from corrupt medical ‘authorities’ such as Dr. Fauci. It’s not the law. The Constitution trumps their recommendations and We The People have a right to freely travel. We have a right to assemble. The police are violating their oath to the Constitution by carrying out illegal mandates from tyrants.

Police need to stop enforcing such unlawful orders. They need to stop harassing Christians on behalf of the globalist medical tyrants. After all, globalism is just another form of socialism. The elite want complete obedience to global government rule. They want people to be dependent on government and God interferes with that. The Illuminati want everyone around the globe to worship Big Brother government—not God. They want a one-world religion and it’s not Christianity.

Separation of church and state is a wise thing, but when the state separates the religious from their churches, it’s a very dangerous thing.

—Ben Garrison

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  1. Hi there! I find this cartoon rather ridiculous. I believe that faith can still be practiced even in the age of social distancing. If you don’t believe that faith can be practiced without gathering, then there are plenty of options for virtual gathering. Abortions, on the other hand, cannot be practiced in private. The absence of abortion clinics was the cause of death for countless women until abortions became legal and widely available. To protest the closure of churches while abortion clinics stay open, suggest that practicing faith is more important than women’s rights. I disagree.

  2. Faith can and is being practiced in the ‘age of social distancing’. God can’t be (and is not) contained by walls. Of course you find the cartoon ridiculous, because it makes you uncomfortable. Truth always does. The left love to help murder babies. This cartoon does not suggest that practicing faith is more important than womens’ rights. Women are free to murder their babies, and people should be free to worship where they choose (I happen to think they should do it in the safest way possible right now). It’s no more dangerous social distancing in a church pew than it is standing in a liquor store lineup or a sitting in a clinic where babies are being murdered. It just shows how easily the government can restrict certain freedoms, while other ones that benefit them are allowed.

  3. The so called “right” for a woman to kill her innocent unborn child was never enacted by Congress. It was the result of an tragic Supreme Court decision in 1973 (Roe vs Wade), much like the disastrous Dred Scott ruling in the 19th Century ruled that black slaves were not persons and therefore slavery was justified. Courts do not have the requisite representation to enact laws. Congress, according to the Constitution, is the only body allowed to enact legislation, and hence create political rights. Nor is killing one’s own offspring an inalienable (God given) right, which can not legitimately be taken away — like the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which are enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence. And DEFINITELY, the right to practice our faith, and to worship in freedom is more important than any spurious “right” for a woman to kill her own child – an act which also causes dreadful harm to the mother as well.

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