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Reporter Asks Trump If He Deserves To Be Re-elected After Losing More Americans to Corona Virus Than Vietnam War


With the country reeling from being in lockdown and protests erupting all over the place people are begging to reopen the country.

Mark Levin argued President Trump has more power to open up state economies than people believe and that the Supreme Court precedent has strengthened the executive branch’s authority over the states.

“The governors have shut down the economy, not the president,” Levin said to FOX News host Sean Hannity. “the governors have put people out of work, not the president. The governors have shut businesses, not the president, and several of them are dragging their feet.”

“These governors are a little confused,” Levin said about federalism. “They think federalism means they have all the power and no accountability, that they can make whatever decisions they want and the rest of us have to pay for it. That’s one-way federalism. No such thing exists.”


President Trump was asked at a recent briefing if he deserves to be reelected after the nation has lost more than 50,000 lives to the coronavirus.

From Monday’s White House press conference:

QUESTION: If an American president loses more Americans over the course of six weeks than died in the entirety of the Vietnam war does he deserve to be reelected?

TRUMP: So, yeah, we have lost a lot of people but if you look at what original projections were 2.2 million we are probably heading to 60,000, 70,000–it’s far too many. One person is too many for this and I think we made a lot of really good decisions. The big decision was closing the border or doing the ban on people coming in from China obviously other than American citizens which had to come in, can’t say you can’t come in, you can’t come back to your country. I think we have made a lot of good decisions. I think that Mike Pence and the task force have done a fantastic job. I think that everybody working on the ventilators you see what we have done there, have done unbelievable. The press doesn’t talk about ventilators anymore. They just don’t want to talk about them and that’s okay but they reason they don’t want to talk–that was the subject that nobody would get off of. They don’t want to talk about them.

The liberal media is really outdoing itself these days ever since their minds have been triggered by losing the election. President Trump hasn’t “lost” anyone to coronavirus. People die. Tens of thousands every day. To various causes, but usually when their bodies break down due to age or aggravated by other complications.

President Trump hasn’t lost more people to coronavirus than died in Vietnam unless you want to suggest that every president since Washington has similarly lost more people to <choose a disease> than Vietnam. It is hard to imagine a more mindless question from the press.

The reporter is evidently unaware that far more young men of military age died in vehicle accidents than died in Vietnam. Yes, More people die of flu and cancer, more people die in accidents, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. No president is blamed for it. So to frame a viral endemic in the same context of a real battle war is utterly irrational and despicable.

Here is a complete list of how this virus came about:

January 18 – CDC started testing for Coronavirus in CDC labs and US Public Health Labs (there were problems with the first tests) NOTE: The CDC was not equipped to handle a pandemic due to antiquated regulations and procedures. They wanted to control all the testing so they could track it but were not equipped to do so.

January 20th – 1st confirmed case of COVID-19 in US.

January 21st – 1st US person died in US from Coronavirus.

January 22 – WHO panel of experts met.

January 24th – Congress was briefed by the CDC and Dr. Fauci on the Coronavirus and stated publicly that they believed it was under control.

January 30th – President Trump formed a Coronavirus Task Force with media experts, the CDC, NIH and others.

January 31st – President Trump implemented travel ban from anyone coming from China. Also quarantines for those returning from travel to China.

February 3rd – The head of the WHO said there was no reason to ever to a travel ban.

February 4th – President Trump during SOTU “Protecting Americans’ health also means fighting infectious diseases.  We are coordinating with the Chinese government and working closely together on the coronavirus outbreak in China. My administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat.”

February 17th – – Dr Fauci “Risk of Coronavirus in US is miniscule, just wash hands”

February 26th – President Trump asks Mike Pence to lead the Coronavirus Task Force and coordinate a “whole of government approach”

When Trump shut down travel to China and was called a racist by these same people, so they are not in a position to question him about how to handle this. All their position or ideas would have lead to more deaths all for the sake of not being called a racist.

Can you imagine if this was the headline instead under Obama? Reporter to Obama: “If A President Loses 1/3 of the Americans due to H1N1 Than the Vietnam War, Do They Deserve To Be Reelected?” That reporter would be branded a racist, out of a job and probably attacked by Obama’s weaponized IRS and spied on for the rest of her life.

Now when they see Trump was right with the China ban they say he should have implemented the ban sooner,  “You expect me to shut down the entire country because of one case?” Trump said to one reporter and he was right.

Democrats continue to criticize President Trump’s response to the coronavirus. Some even go as far as blaming Trump for the death of tens of thousands of American citizens. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of those people.

At the end of March, Pelosi accused the president of costing America many lives because of “delays.” The president’s denial at the beginning was deadly,” she claimed. “His delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly…As the president fiddles, people are dying.”


Interesting, given Pelosi was parading around San Francisco’s Chinatown in February telling people to get out and enjoy time in the city when the rest of the world was suffering the effects of the Chinese coronavirus.

Trump has acted admirably during this pandemic. Who got the two hospital ships here in record time? Trump did.

Who was able to get the National Guard to set up the Javits Center in New York with 2000 beds quicky? Trump did.

Who was able to get manufacturers to produce more ventilators which are very expensive to produce than was needed so that now we are giving them too other countries who need them after stockpiling our own? Trump did.

Who got the National Guard to set up makeshift hospitals all over the country in record time? Trump did.

Who go CEO’s from various companies to the white house and got them to produce masks, gowns and ventilators for first responders and hospital workers? Trump did.

A President who saved millions from Chinese Virus, deserves re-election.

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  1. SERIOUSLY, That reporter seriously said that to our President….IF I WAS THERE I would have kicked that reporter in the a$$ or slapped his face the ungrateful propagandist lying ba$tard! After all that the President has done, not taken a vacation (Like the democrats) have meetings everyday-including weekends, formed committees while democrats were impeaching him…while being attacked, slammed, maligned, falsely accussed ALSO WHILE KNOWING AND HAVING PROOF of the coup formed against him by Pelosi, Schiff, the FBI & the CIA PROOF MY FRIEND PROOF! Yeah, I would have kicked his a$$!

  2. Thanks for your reply which I wholly agree with. The reporter is a she and her name is Oliva Nuzzi I dont know who she is with. A good friend o f mine is a Vietnam Vet and is writing her a letter .

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