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Red Flags You Can’t Ignore That Let You Know It’s Time For a New Job

With every job, you’re going to experience a little restlessness from time to time. This applies to whether you’re working your dream job or if you’re working a job that just so happened to call you back, but regardless of the job you’re working or how you got the job, you’re going to hit a rut and that’s perfectly fine… it’s to be expected. Where the mystery lies is in being able to tell when you’re experiencing restlessness at work and when it’s time to look for a new job.

When people realize they’re not happy at work, they tend to go straight into panic mode and have these thoughts that they’re in the wrong field, they question why they chose their major in college, and think that their current title is as far as they’re going to ever go within the company. Well, sometimes those gut feelings are true but sometimes it could just be a sign that you need to go on vacation or need to take a few personal days.

But then again, there are certain red flags that wave in your face like you’ve just crossed the NASCAR finish line that you simply cannot ignore. So, if you’ve seen these red flags and ignored them, it’s definitely time to consider looking for a new job.

You’re Miserable Even When You’re Not At Work

There’s a song that says “everybody’s working for the weekend”… For most working people, the weekend is what keeps them motivated throughout the week! Why? Because they don’t have to work! Well, that’s the case for most people but there are some people who can’t even enjoy their weekend for thinking about how Monday is a couple of days away.

Your days away from work is supposed to be spent not thinking about work… If you’re miserable at work and miserable outside of work from thinking about work, it’s time to find a new gig… that’s extremely damaging to your work/life balance. There may not be a perfect work/life balance but when this is happening, you don’t have one at all. Finding a new job can definitely improve your work/life balance.

You’ve Thought About Finding a New Job More Than Once

The fact that finding a new job has come across your mind is a tell-tale sign that you need to consider other employment options. There are lots of people who are so miserable at their jobs that they’ve skipped the whole idea of “working for the man” and decided to start their own business!

Starting your own business definitely isn’t “easy like Sunday morning”… You have to create a website, find the best quotes for professional liability insurance, find funding, create an effective marketing strategy, etc… but it’s also very doable. The amount of hard work you’ll have to do to start your business is going to be totally worth it when you’re able to finally enjoy the work with way more good days than bad ones.

You’re Overlooked For a Promotion

There are people who work jobs that they’re completely happy doing and don’t seek to climb that corporate ladder but for those who do want growth in their position, getting a promotion is the motivation behind the work they do.

You see, when people go to work, there is some type of motivation behind it… if someone doesn’t have to work, they don’t but for those who do, there’s something that’s making them get up every morning and come to work. For some people, it’s simply for the paycheck but for the ambitious employees, they are wanting to reach a certain position and are willing to put in the work and overtime to get there.

So when the time comes for a promotion and that hard-working employee gets overlooked for that promotion, the thought of finding a new job immediately comes across their mind. When you work hard, you want to at least be recognized or valued for it and what better way to show a deserving employee appreciation? Not giving them the promotion they deserve.

If this has happened to you once or more than that, find out why you didn’t get that position and if their answer makes sense, make the necessary changes; if it doesn’t, that’s all the confirmation you need to put your hard work elsewhere.

Are You Restless or Do You Need a New Job?

Again, it can be hard to tell if you need a new job or if you just need a new job altogether. Pay attention to the signs. What is your body telling you? Are you behaving in a way that’s different than usual? Can you not stop thinking about work outside of work?

This is an important decision to make because your livelihood depends on it. If you indeed are going in the direction of finding a new job, consider taking some courses to increase your chance of finding a job. If you’re considering entrepreneurship, talk with some local entrepreneurs to see what they recommend in how to get started.

The whole point is that if you’re unsatisfied at work, you have options… you don’t just have to stay at your job and be miserable… if you find something you enjoy, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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