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Proof That Democrats Want The Nation Poor, Unemployed And Dependent On Them

During the recession the nation experienced during the Obama administration, I distinctly recall Nancy Pelosi effusively and happily explaining to the nation how pleasant and lovely joblessness was. More unemployed people meant that there were more Americans with the time to take up pottery, play with the kids and to learn how to paint pretty pictures. Or maybe, since many people had no money to actually travel during this idle time, perhaps they could consider it a “stay-cation” with their families, and just pretend that there was a beach or a pretty mountain scene for them to look at. By the way, the “stay-cation” thing was an attempt by Pelosi to be cute, so there you are.

Today, with every level of government insisting that the entire nation should “shelter-in-place” and that all businesses should be shut down due to the virus pandemic, we are experiencing round two of the leftist destruction of America, with the next round being the fruition of at least a two-part, multi-trillion dollar recovery bill that will likely cause inflation and devalue the dollar, making it worthless, or at least worth less, around the world.

Next, as the threat of civil disobedience seems to be building, comes the leftist attempt to force us into accepting the will of big government by removing all rights to own a firearm, which was the position of every Democrat 2020 candidate for president. President Trump wants all Americans working, investing and improving their futures, but Democrats have a more devious plan in mind, one in which we will obey their every command, and simply trust that our homes are not invaded, as we sit defenseless.

This is the second time we’ve seen Democrats try their best to assure that every family is dependent on government for personal protection, income and food, and our nation needs to wake up and pay attention to the threat they present, or these fools will succeed in destroying our lives.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Please understand what the Democrats and the left has wanted for a long, long time. Has been working on it for a long, long, time. It was put on the FAST track with President 0bama and his want of fundamentally transforming this nation. This nation pushed even further left by Bernie and loo where we are today. More persons wanting socialism, but look at those pushing socialism-that have been made very, very rich by Capitalism. Example, 0bama worth 250,000 as a Presidential Candidate now worth close to a billion as he travels and vaca’s around the world in such an elite style, Look at Bernie and his 4 very rich homes, I could go on about every person in government, they complain about their salaries (which is way better than the common man) and their benefits pay more than we get paid-THAT is Capitalism, and we are the socialist paying for their riches, what benefits do YOU have, anywhere close to theirs? And how much are YOU paying for that Medicare that Nancy wants to cut yours but gives to illegals…seriously folks, the citizens in this nation better wake the hell up and see who their “Elected leaders” really are!

  2. The title of your article says it all Dave.Yes this is their plan .The want to enslave us all to big government and be dependent on them. Trump is freeing us from their bonds and making us free and taking big government out of our lives so we can all be better.Prior to this pandemic we had the best economy ever,unemployment was the lowest in 50 years in all demographics and everyone was doing better all because of his policies .I hope it returns once this is over and he gets in again this Nov. I remember that statement from Pelosi then too.

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