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Lives Could Have Been Saved If America Had Bombed Wuhan in May of 2019

Sure, the title of this piece is ridiculous. After all, you might argue, we didn’t know that Wuhan was making a virus that was a threat back in May of 2019, and to bomb a city in another sovereign nation would be a monumentally risky action, way back in 2019.

But the leftwing, radical press is making similar, offensively ill-timed charges against President Trump and his various actions during today’s low-spot in American history. They are repeatedly claiming that Trump delayed action opposing the Wuhan flu and that this delay caused many Americans to die of the disease. But at about the same time that Dr. Anthony Fauci was saying that the flu is not something that Americans should worry about, President Trump was halting all flights income to America from China, and was being called a racist by Democrats because of this defensive action. So it‘s a case of damned if he does and damned if he doesn‘t, and he will be attacked by our corrupt press for doing both, whichever way he goes.

In order to stick a finger in President Trump’s eye, Nancy Pelosi, at about the same time as the Chinese flight blockade, was telling Californians to visit Chinatown and enjoy a good meal while strolling around and seeing the sights. New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio was at the same time telling New Yorkers to eat out and take in a movie, and all Democrats are now calling President Trump out-of-touch and not prepared to do the job, while he was all along trying to contain the virus and the Democrat leaders were making purely political appeals to the public that would spread the disease. But Trump’s actions are twisted out of all recognition to what happened, and Democrat leaders’ ill-advice to the public is not mentioned.

A little look at history and the timing of events is helpful and instructive at this point:

If Barack Obama had not initiated his fast and Furious scheme to outlaw weapons in America, many Mexicans, and at least one American, would not have been killed as a direct result of his action. The fact is, however, that he wanted exactly those deaths to occur, so his fault is even more unforgivable than if he were innocent of the deaths. But the killings happened on his watch and at his bidding, and the leftist press is silent on the matter.

If Obama had not tried to end the ISIS killing spree by “containing” them, there are thousands of Middle Easterners who would not have been tortured and killed by those monsters. But the press remains silent.

But Obama’s deadly policies get a pass, and Trump is blamed for doing something too early, or too late, or at just the wrong time, even if the thing being discussed was the correct thing to do, just not when Trump did it and certainly not when it was Trump doing it.

So given the above overview of current events, why would it not be logical for radical leftists to blame our president for not bombing Wuhan, thereby also removing the threat that the left thinks is so ominously hanging over our nation today? And if they could get away with blaming Trump for something he didn’t do, but should have done, last May, then they could also blame him for not doing it even sooner.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Most of the cases are from Europe not China… Even the most Conservative amongst us must see that Trump is only for himself. He isn’t a leader, we need someone who’s not so crazy. I say we dump him and get somebody else who is a statesman. I’m still a fan of Jeb Bush.

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