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Face Mask Fashion Democrat Style – Tina Toon

Would You Trust Democrats to lead the country in a crisis?

We don’t!

New Tina Toon.

When I saw Sheila Jackson Lee and Crying Chuck Schumer proudly wearing their face mask fashion statement…incorrectly…I thought, well there’s a new cartoon!

Maybe Chuck wasn’t briefed on the proper face mask wear or maybe he just couldn’t cover his nose, we are not sure.

Anyone who has ever sanded wood, groomed a dog or cleaned out a dusty attic knows the proper way to wear a mask. Our medical professionals know to keep the mouth and the nose covered.

Which made me ask the age old question…”What would Joe Biden do?”

The world’s smallest hammock for little green men maybe?

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Knowing the far, far, far Left’s fondness for wearing nothing but black electrical tape, I knew they would happily come up with a similar solution for a face mask.

And of course the blind, do nothing but blame Trump Democrats.  With their eyes blinded to anything the President says or does that helps the country, they truly are the enemy of the American People!

 I hope this cartoon makes you laugh today!


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