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Coronavirus Mathematical Model Suggests a Hoax?

Many are quite skeptical of the conspiracy theories of the Coronavirus being a hoax, bioterror weapon, or mere media hype. But let’s be data-driven, and do some common sense thinking. Right Wire Report lays out a hypothetical mathematical model that suggests something is very wrong about this Coronavirus narrative being told to us. Let’s start first to layout our assumptions:

  • Let’s take at face value the Coronavirus Scare Map – John Hopkins data (mainly coming from the CDC and the WHO) that everyone is looking at – click here.
  • Take the average normal rates annually of influenza and pneumonia deaths (as defined by the WHO).

With this data, we are going to juxtapose the data from the U.S. with the African country of Nigeria. We shall explain later why. Here are the following country data extracted from the above-assumed data as of April 10, 2020:

Country COVID-19 deaths Average annual influenza and pneumonia deaths (approx.)
U.S. 16,690 50,660 (14.91 per 100K population)
Nigeria 7 467,400 (228.91 per 100K population)

Say want you will about Africa, but not all people in Nigeria live in grass huts, in fact, the majority do not. It has many cities and a thriving economy. The point with COVID-19 and Nigeria is that Nigeria has every opportunity to be infected with COVID-19 – but it is not. Why? And no, black people are not immune to COVID-19. See photo below of Lagos Nigeria:

Here are a few factoids about Nigeria of note:

  • Nigeria’s population is 205,000,000.
  • Nigeria’s health care system is not great but on par with a country like Ireland.
  • Nigeria has more than 24,000 health care facilities.
  • Nigeria’s per capita median income is 10% of what Ireland is at about $2,500.
  • Nigeria clocked up 8,169.19 thousand passenger miles to China in 2018. Only a third of what the Chinese traffic to COVID-19 stricken Iran was, but still significant.
  • Nigeria has a high connection to China compared to most other nations in Africa.
  • To be fair, however, the draconian mitigation strategies being done by the west would be virtually impossible in Africa, due to the lack of enforcement resources and cultural differences.
  • Though Nigeria has many health clinics, most people understand they are not all up to the same standards as the West – and hence a high 228 per 100K death rate (the U.S. is 14.9 per 100K) for the flu.
  • The hot weather is not necessarily a determinant of COVID-19 infections. Besides, many warm-weather countries have high infection rates.

Let’s come back to the U.S. Current estimates of deaths due to Coronavirus around 60,000 – the estimates have been dropping like a stone. When looking at the John Hopkins Coronavirus Scare Map, we are lead to believe that these deaths are on top of the normal 50,000 average flu deaths. This would be a total of 110,000 flu deaths. Or more than double the normal flu death rate. There may be some double-counting going on here. But how much double-counting is there and are not the draconian lockdown measures saving so many lives?

Returning to Nigeria. Given the following:

  • Nigeria is not doing the same draconian lockdown methods like the West. Just recently they have announced a lockdown, which largely will be difficult to enforce?
  • Nigerian health systems are not to Western standards. Hence COVID-19 death rates may be consistent with normal flu death rates.
  • Nigeria has a mechanism to report but may not be able to handle the COVID-19 testing nor the deaths.

And yet only seven COVID-19 Nigerian deaths? WHERE ARE THE BODIES? Extrapolating the data from above, the bodies should be stacking up all across Nigeria. Using the 228 per 100K flu death rate of Nigeria and then doubling it, because Coronavirus, there should be 467,400 deaths in Nigeria when all is said and done. Nigeria has started its curve, similar to the U.S. – around the start of March. This would mean Nigeria should have racked up around 125,000K deaths already (26% of potential COVID-19 deaths).

You may say that it is happening, we just haven’t heard about it. They may have poor health care systems, but they do have workers on the ground and yet reporting nothing. And they are NOT doing draconian lockdown methods. Right Wire Report is not the only one questioning the numbers in Africa as compared to the West – click here.

President Trump called the Coronavirus a “Democratic Hoax.” Meaning not the virus itself, rather the political manipulation of the virus. Coronavirus is real and does exist – the scale is what is in question and the response to it. This leads us to the following question:

If the COVID-19 deaths are being double-counted with normal flu deaths to merely amount to an elevated flu season – does this justify sending the world into a global depression?

One would also have to ask why? It is not just about nefarious U.S. Democrats. The Coronavirus “pandemic” is global. All across the Western world and in China, the world was inching toward global insurrection against their individual national establishments – the rise of populism. Is the Coronavirus a massive psyop to cover the financial sins of China and the Western governments in a massive power grab? Bringing on further a draconian New World Order? Or? Ahhh … now we are getting into a global conspiracy – or not?

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