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75% Of Migrants On One Deportation Flight To Guatemala Had Coronavirus, Health Minister Says

Guatemala’s health minister is claiming that the majority of migrants on a single deportation flight to his country carried COVID-19, and blamed deportation flights for a spike in cases.

Seventy-five percent of the migrants on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) repatriation flight to Guatemala tested positive for coronavirus, Health Minister Hugo Monroy claimed on Tuesday. Their government is claiming that a total of four Guatemalan nationals deported from the U.S. tested positive for the virus, according to ABC News.

“There are really flights where the deportees arrive … citizens who come with fever, and they get on the planes that way,” Monroy stated. “We automatically evaluate them here and test them and many of them have come back positive.”

The health minister is also blaming the U.S. for a recent spike in cases — Guatemala’s Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance has reported a total of 180 cases, including five deaths. While Monroy is claiming that 75% of deportees on a single flight had coronavirus, he said he was unable to go into further detail for security reasons.

Despite the global pandemic, ICE Air Operations is continuing to execute repatriation flights across the world. Central American governments — and Guatemala in particular — have urged the Trump administration to momentarily halt these flights, but they are under immense pressure to keep accepting them.

President Donald Trump issued a memo on Friday, ordering acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf to notify the State Department of any government that refuses to accept deportees from the U.S. Governments that refuse to accept deportees risk visa sanctions, making it nearly impossible for their citizens to obtain U.S. visas.

These deportations have also served as a major resource in the Trump administration’s efforts to rescue Americans stranded abroad. ICE has so far rescued more than 1,000 U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents stuck abroad, taking them aboard on return flights back home.

Per ICE policy, every migrant is screened before boarding a repatriation flight.

“Any ICE detainee who fails to pass screening by a flight medical provider and/or is suspected of having a health-risk condition potentially contagious to other detainees, staff and/or third parties, will be denied boarding and referred to an ICE approved facility for screening,” the agency’s guidelines read.

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  1. We are a compassionate & caring Nation and daily help those in need….While we are proud of this, we must also be ‘sensible’….Should our resources run out we will be just as needy as those we now help….and unable to take care of anyone.

    The President of our great nation, and those of other countries, have the DUTY to protect their country FIRST….& do what is deemed best under current circumstances……Sadly, there are times that the best and duty do not allow for compassion and are strictly pragmatic.

    We had (have) a problem of a flood of foreigners pushing their way into our country in numbers that we could not deal with under our Constitutional Immigration Laws or physical manpower without creating vast depletion of resources and denying our own citizens…

    .His best ‘solution’ was to convince these other countries like Guatemala, and pay the LARGE SUMS of money to take these ‘refugees’….and these heads of state agreed it was also an answer for them.

    This CoVID-19 is nasty and has a silent incubation period of several days…Any transfer of infected people was unintentional and Guatemala knows it….and have climbed on the “Blame Train”…..We will continue to help them and others in any way we can without endangering Americans

    Remember….If these agreements are reversed….It might KILL your husband, wife, child or Mother

  2. “I say we let the caravans from Central America into the U.S. without condition.” Said no rational non-democrat.

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