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The Only Illness America Has To Worry About Is A Pandemic Of Democrat Stupidity

Illnesses and viruses happen and we can deal with these things. But it’s the radical, Democrat left’s pandemics of stupidity that accompanies any outbreak of an illness, that hurts more and lasts longer than any actual health threat. And the only treatment for Democrat pandemics is to vote the fools out of office.

Isn’t it strange that when the Obama administration saw a large number of illnesses during the swine flu era, the leftist press did not go ballistic and did not blame Obama for the outbreak. There were many people who died during the swine flu epidemic, and very few deaths so far with coronavirus, but Obama escaped any blame and Trump hasn’t.

President Trump is not a politician but is rather a businessman in the make-or-break hotel and resort business, so we can believe that he insists on results, not finger-pointing and accusations during this medical emergency. But Democrats, who are constantly on his back, placing blame on him for everything under the sun, are all lying politicians, and if they had not been investigating, accusing and impeaching Trump these last three years, maybe he would have been able to concentrate on something like the coronavirus with better results than we’ve seen so far. Democrats have placed every road block and impediment imaginable in his path for his entire presidency.

In the next few days and weeks one can expect to hear the liberal press accuse President Trump of not being prepared for this disease, and everyone who believes in logic and fair play has to be ready with the following question: Why didn’t the great Obama have all of the pieces in place to handle this current pandemic, given that the swine flu epidemic occurred on his watch? Of course, Democrats will make the idiotic argument that Trump is the president now and not Obama, so Trump is to blame for illnesses now, not Obama. But no sensible person can expect an immediate, from-the-ground-up establishment of complex processes to handle diseases we’ve never seen before.

Another question that might well be asked of the Democrat party, is that if Obama did develop a pandemic-handling process, which he surely did after the numerous deaths resulting from the swine flu epidemic, where is this plan and why is it being withheld while Americans suffer?

Democrats, being filthy politicians, and the lying press, will still accuse President Trump and ignore the failings of their savior, Obama. And now Democrats have an ally in China which is trying to claim that the Trump administration created and spread the coronavirus, so be fully prepared for a full court press against Trump by the American press and the China government, followed by another impeachment by the clueless Democrats.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. This is article is so poorly written, badly researched and fallaciously structured that it was difficult to finish reading. It’s a shame you put such misleading content out there to infect the minds of your followers.

  2. Sorry; I get *paid to edit other people’s content. You want that, it’ll cost you.

  3. People actually read this shit?
    Wow. No wonder the country is so divided.
    Why do you all hate America so?

  4. There is a pandemic plan left by previous administrations but the President considers himself the best, most smart at everything and he’s not following it. Just look right now as Hospitals are begging for supplies he refuses to use the defense of production act.

    They had transition training but Trumps turnover of staff is astronomical.

    And lastly, he’s such a great businessman he bragged about cutting the pandemic team to save money.

    America will be the SEVENTH entity that he bankrupted with incompetence.

  5. Both the Bush and Obama administrations left comprehensive pandemic plans the fake president scrapped–so all the nonsense that this was unforeseen is nothing but CYA-style propaganda. During a conference call with several of the country’s governors, when the governor of Montana pleaded for tests, your Dear Leader was surprised, telling him he did not know there was a problem there. Outright lie–or abject stupidity.

    I think the editorial writer needs to get outside his rabbit hole and look into the real world for a moment.

  6. Figures you used to work for Verizon. They suck at communications, too. Please die.

  7. You were born earlier today, right? In the wake of the swine flu disaster, Obama set up a pandemic response team.

    Trump dismantled it.

  8. I was going to wade in on how asinine this article is. It even refutes it’s own argument about halfway down. But as most of the other comments have done that, I will leave it for now. Thanks everyone!

  9. The stupidity in some of these comments lends to the truth in the article. Democrats are @#%^! stupid corrupt liars

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