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Tamarac Florida Property Claim

Isn’t it strange how someone prepares for a stormy day by making a fail-safe plan (investing in an insurance package), only for the storm to come and their fail-safe plans fail to save them? This is the story of so many property owners in Tamarac, Florida. For so many years now, many property owners in the region have been on the receiving end of lots of unscrupulous acts by insurance providers.

It is no secret that in the past years, Tamarac has experienced lots of criminal activities and property disasters, including hurricane, burglary, flood, property thefts, and other property damages. In fact, according to a study conducted by AreaVibes, it was revealed that Tamarac has a burglary potential rate of 218 out of 100k homes and a property crime rate of 1,864 out of 100k.

In a bid to now prepare themselves for the financial challenges that come with these unforeseen situations, many Tamarac property owners subscribe to a host of insurance packages, unbeknown to them that the concept of insurance means a whole different thing to an insurer.

While most people think of insurance as a means of protection, insurers think of it as a business transaction. So when an insurance claim is initiated by a client, they decline the claim, and even though you persist with your request, they refuse to bulge and begin to show you a totally different side.

If you’ve ever experienced this with an insurance provider before or this is your current predicament with your insurer, you need not worry because this isn’t the end of the world. If anything at all, you’re just getting started with them!

How is an insurance provider able to decline your claim?

Recovering from a major loss such as theft, storm, hurricane, or a house fire is rarely a painless experience. But the experience can get even more disheartening when your insurance provider fails to deliver on their promises to help you in your time of need.

But have you ever wondered how they are able to successfully decline your claim? At first, the deal was to come bail you out when the need arises, but now they seem to be telling you otherwise. How are they able to do that? You wonder. Well, the language used in most insurance policies is often confusing and arduous. This is done to either discourage the insured from claiming due to perceived ignorance or lack of understanding or to define extremely specific conditions in order to minimize the risk of paying a claim.

Now that’s how they are able to beat you in your property claim negotiation. But guess what? They still don’t have all the balls in their court. There is a final play left for you to make.

What to do if an insurance provider turns down your claim

Although not many property owners know this, there are some insurance guidelines and laws in Florida, Tamarac included, that safeguard the interest of policyholders. According to the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act, insurers are expected to investigate thoroughly and satisfy claims fairly.

But as you might have guessed, some companies still find their ways around this law. But not if you take the bold step of hiring a Tamarac Florida Property Claim Lawyer. While it is true that they might try to bend the terms of the law to favor, a property claim attorney can see to it that this does not happen.

How a Tamarac Property Claim Lawyer can help you settle your claim

Request for the rationale behind the decline

You don’t just decline a claim in Tamarac, Florida, without reasons. And these reasons have to be clearly stated in a written format to the policyholder. But due to ignorance and misunderstanding of insurance policies, many property owners just go home the moment they hear that their claims have been rejected.

A property claim attorney, on the other hand, will request for a rational explanation behind the decline. While this might just seem like a regular sheet or document to you, it means so much in a property claim. With a written explanation from an insurer, an attorney can identify the reasons behind a claim decline and provide evidence, if any, that suggests otherwise.

Proof of bad faith

If your insurance company attempts to evade your claim settlement, or delay your claim settlement without a rational reason or attempts to settle a claim by paying a low amount, a property claim lawyer could help prove that your insurer is acting in bad faith. An act that is frowned at and punishable by the law of the state.

Help secure your claim and compensation

If indeed, your insurance provider can be found guilty of bad faith, your property claim attorney can help you secure compensations from the company, which include expenses incurred, emotional distress, punitive damages, consequential damages, and attorney’s fees.

Hopefully, you’ll never fall into the den of unscrupulous insurance providers, but in the event that you do, please do not hesitate to check this website for a professional property claim lawyer in Tamarac.

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