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Security has emerged as one of the leading concerns of the people, even the ones existing in the developed world. Despite all the efforts by governments, there is a constant rise in the global crime rate. A country’s biggest concern would most definitely be to protect its citizens from any security issues, be it major terrorist activities or common crimes.

If a government fails to prioritize its security laws, the chances are that it could harm the country’s economy, tourism, and overall wellbeing of its citizens. Rising crime rates have instilled deep concerns in society as most people feel that their lives are at stake due to the rise in the number of street crimes and cybercrimes that coexist.

It is unfortunate to note that despite several awareness campaigns by peace organizations, the crime rate only continues to rise. A way to combat this would be to identify the basis of why crimes increasingly spread in society as every country’s reasons may differ from another.

From implementing changes in a country’s education system and employment laws to teaching effectively-designed courses, such as an online criminal justice degree, governments are constantly on the lookout for the ways to put a lid on the rising crime rate. Identifying the root of the problem is the only way to prevent crimes from taking firm roots in society. Here are some ways that are most recommended by experts in terms of controlling the crime rate in society.


One of the major factors that must be taken into account when a country attempts to prevent or decrease the rate of crimes would be to focus on the education system and raise its standard. Research indicates how increasing the school leaving age could reduce the number of crimes as most kids are committed to staying in school and are quite preoccupied. Though this may seem temporary, it also has a long-term effect.

The fact that kids are providing with the education they need and are well-enlightened with the wrongdoings of society, it is less likely for them to commit crimes. Therefore, raising awareness about education programs and the benefits attached to it or even enlightening fresh graduates and teenagers with criminal justice, gun laws, and humanitarian-based courses could all prove to be beneficial to lower crime rates.


Even though most governments focus on the need for education standards to revive and education quality to be regulated, another important factor that should be considered an increase in employment opportunities. A country could be as educated, but due to lack of employment opportunities, the poverty rate rises, which ultimately forces people to engage in criminal activities to provide for their families.

Artificial intelligence and technology are replacing labor rapidly, which may contribute towards the development of a country in one way but, at the same time, may give rise to the crime rate due to an increase in the number of jobless people. Investors must be encouraged to invest in a developing country for whatsoever reason that may interest them by its cheap labor, lower tariffs or ease on tax policies.

This way, it could create more job vacancies for public and could lower poverty significantly. Human nature contains dignity, and the extreme cases of not being able to find jobs despite being well educated is a sad reality in today’s world, which is what contributes to the crime rate. A person may be most likely to commit crimes to make up for their living rather than being homeless only to end up begging on the streets.


Despite how small the crime may appear to be, and despite the fact of a country’s crime rate, security measures must always be strict. Severe penalties must be placed over criminals and those who are caught committing a crime. These penalties should also be publicized to create awareness, whether it is done through the media or by spectators, just as long as most people are fully aware of the consequences of committing a crime and the dangers attached to it. It creates a sense of fear among criminals and would also keep existing prisoners alert for having to commit a crime ever again.


As we have all seen in the movies and TV shows, an ideal scene for a crime to take place, be it assault, kidnapping, or theft, all happen to take place in dark alleys with blighted houses and buildings. It usually happens because most criminals tend to seek shelter in these areas and find that it is away from the public eye, which reduces their chances of getting caught in the first place. Taking care of such areas and repairing wrecked buildings indicates the criminal that the place is being taken care of and is watched or looked over by public authorities. When the place is within the sights of the authorities, it is less likely for a crime to take place.


One of the most argued and a debatable topic is gun violence and whether or not strict gun policies and measures being taken to control its use. There must be proper policies laid out in every country for an individual to possess a gun. A license for having a weapon must be stern and uncompromising. The mantra is quite simple, where there are no guns; it is less likely for gun deaths to occur. The illegal smuggling of weapons in a country must regulate along with strict gun policies.


Preventing crimes in a country is a problem that is usually prioritized by almost every other developing country. According to a recent survey, people in the United States of America believe that the crime rate got even bigger in the Year 2018 than the previous year.

Every country’s approach may be different from one another. Probably, it is because of the many reasons for the increase in crime rates that vary from one country to another. Some of the factors and its possible solutions have been discussed above. They all have their pros and cons attached to its effectiveness.

An educated society is less likely to be a crime-hit society. A higher education level means a more sophisticated society, which empowers and encourages everyone to become a responsible citizen and play due to part in the betterment of the country. However, at the same time, it is government’s job to keep providing a bigger number of employment opportunities to the youth so that they do not have any reason to turn to the world of crime.

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