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Some Ideas to Market Startup Businesses in New York

If you’re interested in starting a business in the Empire State, you’re not alone. New York has the third largest economy in the state and one of the highest rates of newly formed small businesses, which are rightly considered the backbone of the US. If you want to create your own business that will become an important vertebra in this backbone, but don’t know where to start, do get frustrated. Take a look at some business ideas that can become a success if approached wisely and find out how to market them effectively.

Travel Company

New York is one of the largest cultural and financial hubs in the world. It attracts millions of businesspersons, politicians, artists, bloggers, social activists, celebrities, and tourists from the four corners of the earth. No wonder, those businesses that provide travel solutions to clients tend to thrive in the state of New York. Though this niche is already densely occupied, you shouldn’t be afraid of rivals. If you figure out where you can excel or outbid your competitors, you’ll be able to succeed in getting your venture off the ground. You may want to focus on providing private jet charter solutions, helping people in streamlining their booking and travel process, selling holidays and insurance, etc.

How to Market. Create a unique, eye-catching business card. Make sure stands out from the rest. Also, take advantage of sign installation services, which are currently in high demand. They can help your travel business attract new customers and thus grow and increase your profits. Make sure to put your banner, billboard, or advertising flag in places that offer direct exposure to potential customers to maximize your business’ chances of success. If you’re wondering “how to find trustworthy sign installation companies near me,” wonder no further. New York is home to expert sign companies. Furthermore, you may want to build a website and create a digital version of your brochure for the website. It’s also a good idea to call on experienced digital marketers’ help to drive more traffic to your web resource.

Winery Business

As we’ve already noted, every year millions of visitors come to New York for different purposes. And few of them leave without tasting famous New York wine. You probably know that Northern New York is famed for its wineries that produce high-quality wines. According to the recent data, the wine industry generated almost $5 billion in economic benefits for New York State. Presently, the state is taking steps to simplify the process of licensing the newly formed wineries and offer various grants to entrepreneurs looking to create their own winery or other related business. If you want to become part of this noble industry, there are many niches to choose from. You may provide wine consulting services, open a wine bar or a wine cheese chop, start an online wine shop, become a private wine tour driver, tasting room host, or a Sommelier. You can also try your hand at manufacturing elegant wine gift baskets, decanters, carafes, glasses, and other barware.

How to Market. Once again, we suggest that you come up with a nice business card that will be appealing to the eye. You’ll want to partner up with other local businesses, uch as chain restaurants, diners, cafes, and grocery stories so that they can distribute your business cards to potential clients. You can offer free samples of your product to customers. Thus, you’ll increase exposure and earn your customers’ trust.

Digital Advertising Agency

Lots of businesses out there don’t know how to properly use social media to find and win over new customers. Truth is, a vast majority of small business owners are spending 40 to 60 hours per week actually running their businesses. So they cannot spare the extra hours in the evening to learn how to use, say, Facebook Ads, run their ads, take photos of their business, set up advertisements, and monitor all of this stuff. So instead what these businesses do is hire an advertising agency. That is where you would come into this equation as somebody who understands how to use and how to run ads, market businesses properly, and help your clients get new customers.

How to Market. If you’ve decided to create an advertising agency, marketing is definitely your cup of tea. First of all, you’ll need to build a cool website that will show off your businesses’ strengths and benefits. Also, dedicate your effort to increasing your search engine visibility. Once again, don’t shy away from using traditional types of marketing. Place an ad in one of NYC newspapers, advertise on the radio and billboards. And don’t forget about social media.

Real Estate Agency

The housing shortage is one of the most common problems people run into in New York. And reliable real estate agencies are something can help people resolve their housing. Of course, you’ll need to go through the hassle of getting the New York real estate license, but it’s definitely worth it. Once you become an independent contractor you’ll be able to start meeting with prospective buyers, plan property showings, and actually seal the deals. You can also help people find a rental property. You may want to specialize entirely in real estate rentals if you find it more convenient or profitable.

How to Market. Establish your presence on the Internet by creating a website. Then, create a dedicated account on different types of social media. If you budget permits, you can fork out on more expensive digital advertising options. You can advertise your real estate business using Bing or Google. You may want to buy a space on other relevant websites. It’s also important that your encourage customer referrals and word-of-mouth. Take out an ad in the newspaper and run a commercial on local cable TV. Street advertising signage can also come in handy when it’s necessary to maximize your visibility and exposure.

Bottom Line

It’s not easy to earn your place in the sun, especially when you live in such a huge megalopolis as New York. But New York is also home to hundreds of thousands of small businesses that emerge, gain momentum, and thrive. Hope our business ideas will help you create your own company, agency, or family business that will be a success.

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