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Liberals Are Misguided In Their Infatuation With “Minorities”

Early-on in President Trump’s administration, he proposed building a wall along our southern border to keep Central Americans and Mexicans from illegally crossing the border and possibly bringing a disease in or allowing a criminal to enter our nation. Then he proposed keeping people from certain Middle East nations out of the U.S. from fear of there possibly being terrorists in their midst. And, in January of this year he proposed not allowing airline flights from China to land in the U.S. fearing that someone on the flight may be carrying coronavirus. In each of those instances, Democrats called him a racist.

The word “racist”, which has lost all meaning due to its over-use by anti-American leftists wishing to demonize anybody who stands in their path to power, especially Donald Trump, the label of someone being a “minority” has, by this time, become misused and mal-used by the American left and will not serve them well going forward.

Democrats would have everyone believe that anyone they identify as being an American “minority” is automatically mistreated, homeless, jobless, poor, starving and is only kept alive with the government assistance that Democrats hand out in exchange for the “minority” vote. Then Democrats move the illogic of their argument to the global population and suggest that blacks in Africa and Asians in China or South Korea are also “minorities” in their own nations, just as they are when they visit America, indicating that these foreigners also need special assistance from America for simply being foreigners.

Actually, on a global basis, Muslims, Asians and Hispanics are a majority of the earth’s population, with Americans being in a stark minority. To be more exact, white, male, Christian, capitalists are a verifiable minority in America, as well as the world, but these truly minority people are disregarded by American Democrats as they search for only people of a certain victim status, or a certain color of skin, to whom they can pretend to give protection.

East Coast and West Coast Democrats don’t consider many of the people President Trump has proposed keeping away from our borders as being a majority anywhere, because they see only people whose skin color or ethnicity can serve Democrat political ends as being worthy of special consideration. But Democrats use their rhetoric to self-certify that their “minorities” need the protection that only Democrats can provide in this mean world that Donald Trump has created.

In truth, in the nations where Muslims, Hispanics and Asians dominate, Americans are a foreign minority, and Americans are a minority that is despised and hated by natives of these nations, who wish us only ill, and would never provide us with any form of protection for our “minority” status if we visited their nations.

There is a real world out there beyond the borders of the United States, and American liberals would allow that impoverished, violent and hateful mass of people to invade us and sweep America into oblivion if they could do so. And if this happened, a new era of Dark Ages would follow. Liberals deeply and dangerously misunderstand everything, and that is why they must be kept from positions of elected power.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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