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In Every War

In every war, there has to be a victor. Make no mistake my friends, there is a war going on between the left and the right and I fear that the right is underprepared and undetermined in its fight. This is not the basic fight that happens everyday between politics; big government, the budget, healthcare, poverty, etc. This is a fight between freedom and tyranny; the past and the future; life and death. At this point, many of the battles have not just been won by the left; the right hasn’t even shown up to fight.
We now live in a world where words have no meaning, except whatever meaning gives the radical left more power to prove a point. Men and women have no difference between them unless it’s the inequality of sexism and the massive pay gap that is apparently so prevalent in our society. You can now feel free to be any sex, gender, race, color, or creed that you wish on any given day and no one is allowed to judge you. In fact, it is not even good enough that people are allowed to live their lives however they see fit; now society has to accept you for who you are and agree with every choice you make, otherwise the deadly tag of bigot will be cast down upon you. And this holds true for every person, except white males, that is. Now, white males are the amalgamation of evil. The rich, white, racist that murdered an entire culture in an attempt to create, what now seems to be considered, the worst country in the world. Now I find serious fault with this new way of thinking; this ever-changing “woke” culture and I feel that I am not alone.

My first issue is the ability for the left to force society to give up ground on every issue without any push back. The fight for equality has quickly become the fight for superiority. Now every time someone disagrees with anyone, that person is a racist, homophobe, and bigot. This is only because the right continues to let it happen and refuses to stand up. It is a shame to see what this new culture has done to women’s rights and civil rights that so many fought and died for. The unmitigated gall of this generation to claim sexism and racism, while never having experienced any of the sorts, is a slap in the face to the ones that put everything on the line, both men and women, black and white, to correct a true social injustice. Now we have a society where men, who can’t compete with men, decide that they can just be women and be the best. A society where now white people are asked to leave because they don’t belong. A society where it is ok to be openly antisemitic and teach about 87 genders in school, but having a love for God and country can get you in trouble. While all of these battles have seemingly been lost, it is my belief that it is only a distraction.

If I were to take over a society, there are three steps that I would enact in order to, not only gain control but do it with very little resistance. The first is the education, or reeducation, of the youth. We see this in our schools and universities; on or televisions and in social media. This campaign to turn our children against the country that they should love, by the teaching of the past through the eyes of the new, woke present, is the first stage of the communist overthrow. Obviously, you won’t have a war if everyone is on your side. The second step that I would take would be to silence the ones who would not be reeducated. This is done by simply making certain arguments taboo. It is hard to argue a point when everything you say is considered hate speech. This is why words have no meaning outside of whatever meaning the left dictates. Finally, for the ones that are just too stubborn to be reeducated, and who continue to talk with so much hate; I would disarm them. However, you can not just take someone’s God-given, constitutionally protected right away. First, you would start small; taking away certain aspects under the guise of public safety. Next, you would slowly enact legislation to eliminate manufacturers of weapons. The most genius part of this is that it all happens under the reign of the current political power so no one fights back as hard. And this my friends is the most disturbing part of my scenario.

The left has its warriors; true, diehard believers that not only wish for a huge financial or worldwide catastrophe, but they would also love to watch the world burn. By the same token, the right has its army. While the right is not as vocal, we do realize what is at stake and are willing to do what is necessary to prevent the death of this great nation. However, the issue, in my eyes, is not the right or the left, it is the middle. There seems to be a large number of people who either do not see what is going on or do not care. This war will not be decided by the right or the left; it will be decided by the blind that are satisfied with wondering through life and not getting in the way. The ones that are ok with a guy who’s a girl, a girls who’s a guy, a duck who’s a cow, and a communist who is a democratic socialist; because as I stated before, words have no meaning.

So in conclusion, maybe its time to get away from the Facebooks and Twitters, where you are surrounded by like-minded individuals, and reach out to the unaware. Because one day, it will be them, and whoever gets to them first, that become victorious in their endeavors.

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