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Comprehensive GMAT Prep and MBA Admissions Consulting with Experts’ Global

Experts’ Global, since its inception in 2008, has gradually grown to conquer the domain of GMAT preparation and MBA Admissions Consulting. That the firm has been able to earn such success and reputation among the students is owing to the fact that it provides the most complete service, of top-notch quality, to its students. Students from across 50+ countries have gained success with Experts’ Global’s services.

About Experts’ Global

Mr. Mayank Srivastava’s vision of creating a platform that would deploy cutting-edge technology to provide stellar education culminated in the founding of Experts’ Global. The firm provides undisputed services in the field of GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consultancy. Since the firm was founded, 1000s of students, worldwide, have availed of the firm’s services, making it one of the most competitive brands, globally. Besides, the team at Experts’ Global includes highly experienced and qualified professionals who are extremely proud of the services that the firm offers and the highly efficient approach that is followed to execute the same. The following section provides a brief overview of the services offered by the firm:

GMAT Preparation

Experts’ Global provides the most holistic GMAT Online Preparation program. With over 300 conceptual videos and 4000 practice questions, this study material has been carefully curated to ensure that the GMAT aspirants are able to achieve competent GMAT scores. Moreover, the duly structured prep material ascertains an effective GMAT prep approach. A striking factor of this study material is the fact that the questions replicate the GMAT in terms of the scope of concepts they cover, their complexity and difficulty, style of presentation, scoring pattern, etc. Even the test-taking screen of this resource is akin to that of the full-screen layout of the GMAT. It also has similar graphics and control and a timer that turns red to indicate that you have spent long on a particular question. Such nuanced features ensure that the students are psychologically prepared to take the GMAT; thus, they can attune themselves to the time-management essentials and the entire test-taking environment.

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global includes an extensive set of 15, full-length GMAT mock tests in its online GMAT prep package. These mock tests too, as the practice questions, are similar to the GMAT and includes the same graphics and controls. Further, these tests include interesting analytics, a distinguishing feature of the package. An AI-enabled software analyzes the performance on each test to suggest the student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. It can even analyze the performance of the previous mocks to provide a more elaborate understanding of the student’s specific learning requirements.

Live Classroom Program

Experts’ Global also conducts a live classroom training program for GMAT, in Noida. However, these classes are conducted only in batches of 2, with about 15 students in each batch. Held by Mr. Mayank Srivastava himself, these classes were started owing to Mr. Srivastavas’s passion for teaching. A 99th percentile holder on the GMAT himself, Mr. Srivastava has earned the appreciation and respect of all of his students who cannot praise enough his dedication and quant skills. The students attaining the classroom program also have access to all of Experts’ Global’s online resources.

MBA Admission Consultancy

The MBA admissions consultancy practice at Experts’ Global is based on the premise of providing maximum attention to each student. Hence, they follow the boutique system, by which they work with only a limited and pre-decided number of students every year. Moreover, they follow the End-to-End Admissions Consultancy method, which means that once you enroll with Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions consulting practice, you will be guided in all aspects of the application process. This detailed approach has proven beneficial to the students as the firm’s applicants have been able to secure admits to each of the top-ranked 150 B-schools in the world.

ISB Admission Consultancy

Statistics claim that at least 50% of the GMAT test-takers in India target ISB, one of the top-ranked B-schools. To help fulfill the students’ aspirations, hence, Experts’ Global have included an exclusive ISB admissions consulting service. This arm is led by a team of excellent mentors who are thoroughly acquainted with the myriad nuances of the ISB application process. That the firm has been able to achieve its aim of helping the ISB aspirants ace their dreams is evidenced by the fact that each year, 90% of the students have received an interview call from the school.

Admission Interview Prep

MBA admissions interview form a critical component of the entire application process. Naturally, students seek a good, comprehensive guidance in the same. Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions consulting package, thus, is the best consulting service to opt for as this also helps the students prepare for their MBA admissions interview. The training regime starts once the applications have been sent out. This robust regime focuses on conducting a series of mock interviews, interspersed with proper feedbacks, that helps the student improve on all the crucial points. Further, this process begins with training the student in the fundamentals of MBA admissions interviews; the instruction is provided via video essays. The student also answers a composite questionnaire of the most commonly asked admissions interview questions; basis the response to this questionnaire, the interview mentor conducts the mock training sessions to ensure that the student’s weak areas are duly addressed.

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