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Anxiety Relief: What Works to Ease Your Worries

Anxiety is an issue that millions of people worldwide deal with every single day. Whether it’s because you’re nervous about a job interview or you have a clinical anxiety disorder, like OCD, finding relief can sometimes be difficult. However, when you finally find something that works for you, it’s easy for you to reclaim your life and reduce the fear, worry and panic that you deal with daily. It’s important to talk with your doctor if your anxiety is causing severe depression or suicidal thoughts.

Stress Reduction

Stress plays a major role when it comes to anxiety development. Whether you’ve been through a traumatic event or are simply stressed for most of the day for various reasons, you need to de-stress in a calming, natural way. Some things you can try include deep breathing, yoga, meditation and even aromatherapy. The key is to naturally defuse the anxiety over time and to practice these methods regularly for best results.


There is a plethora of available supplements that are specific to those who suffer from worry and panic. Some of the most popular include St. John’s Wort and GABA. While most supplements haven’t been tried or tested by the FDA, many people have had good success using them to treat a range of anxiety disorders. Before trying a supplement, be sure to talk to your doctor about possible prescription interactions and to find out if you’re healthy enough to consume the product regularly.

Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis has been used for decades by individuals who need to simply mellow out. Marijuana has medicinal purposes that can ease worries and reduce the likelihood of panic attacks. Thankfully, individuals living in Oklahoma can easily obtain their marijuana card online. This saves time, hassle and provides you with a legal prescription card that can be used virtually anywhere.

Prescription Medications

Your doctor can prescribe medications that will work to alleviate many anxiety-related symptoms. Some of the most popular prescription options include Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil. Many SSRI antidepressants can help treat a number of mental health disorders, so it’s worth giving them a try. Keep in mind that you and your doctor need to find a dose that works well for you. Some people will do best on a smaller dose while others may not find relief until their dose is increased.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

While medications and supplements are a great choice for people suffering, cognitive behavioral therapy has long-term benefits without the side effects. Essentially, CBT teaches you to observe your thoughts but to not respond to them. If you have thoughts, images or emotions that come up, you simply let them pass over you like a wave and go about your day. The more that you treat the scary, intrusive thoughts this way, the fewer anxiety-filled thoughts you’ll have to the point where they eventually stop altogether. By retraining your brain so that it knows what’s most important and what isn’t important, you’ll be able to naturally reduce the panic and worry that you feel currently.

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