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I Extend My Finger To The Impeaching House Democrats

In case there is any misunderstanding with the title above, I’m not extending the finger of friendship to Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi. It’s the middle finger of derision and disregard that I have fully extended to these fool people and their attempted impeachment of President Donald Trump.

One of the most popular quotes coming from the lying mouths of the newly defeated Democrats was the illogic that there can be no acquittal if there was no trial. But the Democrats’ arrogance misses the point that if there are only poorly thought-out and incomplete charges brought with the impeachment, the trial can’t even begin. And that was the mortal failure of the Democrat impeachment charges. It was as though children playing games were the managers of the House impeachment team. The charges were complete crap from beginning to end and didn’t deserve the few days that Mitch McConnell allowed them to proceed, once the dithering Democrats finally got around to presenting the articles to the Senate.

Today’s Democrats are so insane and blinded in their blunt hatred of President Trump and their fear of the miraculous job he’s done for America these last three years, that they rushed to impeachment with faulty-at-best, lame evidence believing that the stupid Republicans would allow them to continue to add charges to the impeachment articles and would allow witnesses to be called to speak to how unfit President Trump is and how dangerous he is to our nation. But their brow-beating of Republicans and claiming that Senate Republicans were blocking a real trial into actual wrong-doing by the president finally ran out of juice and they were told that they could call no witnesses and that they should go home and sulk.

Of course, the Democrats will just create another breathless set of charges against President Trump, who coolly and calmly goes about his job of making life better for all Americans in spite of the personal attacks on him and his family and all of the chaos that surrounds him. But maybe with this latest highly unpopular and nationally insulting presentation from the Democrat House, the chicken Republicans have learned a lesson, developed some gumption, and won’t be sucked into another such void by the idiot Democrats.

Maybe Republicans will learn from this latest demonstration exactly how unhinged Democrats are, and perhaps they’ll follow President Trump’s example of mocking the fool Democrats at every turn and will just rubber stamp the Democrats’ next impeachment and file it in the trash instead of putting the entire nation in peril with the radical left idiocy we are becoming used to from the once great Democrat party.

When people say stupid things, intelligent people have the right to ignore them, and if the idiocy reaches the point of becoming disruptive or even dangerous to our national balance, the stupidity (for example, the Democrat insistence that men can become pregnant or that there are more than two biological genders among humans) must be called what it is, and it soon becomes necessary to make the offensive party put a halt to their disruptive words. We’re almost at that point, just as President Trump’s tweets have been warning us for three years.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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