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Elizabeth Warren Calls For ‘Race-Conscious Laws’


2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for “race-conscious” laws Friday night.

The Massachusetts senator spoke Friday night at ABC’s Democratic debates in New Hampshire where she emphasized the need to correct racism within the United States. Her comments came after fellow candidate Bernie Sanders said at the same debate that “we have a racist society from top to bottom.”

“You have to own up to the facts, and it’s important to own up to the facts about how race has totally permeated our criminal justice system,” she said.

“You know, for the exact same crimes, study after study now shows that African-Americans are more likely than whites to be detained, to be arrested, to be taken to trial, to be wrongfully convicted, and to receive harsher sentences.”

“We need to rework our criminal justice system from the very front end on what we make illegal all the way through the system and how we help people come back into the community,” Warren added. “But we cannot just say that criminal justice is the only time we want to talk about race specifically.”

“We need to start having race-conscious laws,” she said.


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  1. It is always so heart warming to hear the leftist (it matters not who they are or how left they are) promote they doctrine of ENVY! The poor misunderstood and persecuted black man – it ain’t his fault. He has to behave badly because he ain’t got nothin’. The GREEDY, Racist white man has done took it all and there ain’t nuthin’ left for all the minorities.

    Warren, who is pure D white, isn’t some minority savior. She is pandering to the ENVY of those who find what ever excuse they can to escape hard work and innovation to better their own lives! Just like communists have always done.

    This is the TRUE legacy of Western Civilization; the very poorest American today is better off than the very richest American of 1800. We generally live longer, have safer food, live without general squalor, our water is the cleanest on earth and even the very poorest among us can get a cell phone and instantly talk to anyone any where in the country – or world for that matter!!!

    Freedom; equal parts personal liberty and personal responsibility. To whom you subject yourselves his slave you are!

  2. Elizabeth Warren is feminism personified. She is obsessively ambitious, which is probably fueled by rage over being a “victim” all her life, resulting in an all-consuming thirst for power by any and all means. It’s not so much that the line between truth and falsehood is blurred. There is no line. There is no truth. The answer to any question is a bunch of situation-appropriate words in correct order delivered in a believable manner. She may or may not know the actual truth of any given situation. It is actually better, safer, for her if she doesn’t know the actual truth. A sort of “plausible deniability” for her psyche.

    This is the postmodern worldview. There are no good guys or bad guys. There are winners, and there are losers. “Good” and “bad” do not enter into it. Morality is dead. The winners until recently were white Christian heterosexual males who acquired and consolidated power for themselves at the expense of women and other minorities. In the long process of acquiring and consolidating power, WCHMs institutionalized misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, etc., making it all but impossible for anyone other than a WCHM to achieve status and power.

    And in the postmodern world, power is the root of all happiness. Because that’s all there is.


  3. In NY city nearly 70% annually of the violent crime is committed by African- Americans. African Americans make up 22% of the NYC population. If one were to subtract out of that 22% the very young and old and most all the females you would be left with about 8% of the population committing 70% of the violent crime. African American males between 16 -55 yrs committing the overwhelming majority of crime. One wonders why the jails are full of African american males ,,,, why it must be racism. Idiocy . Don’t commit crime and you won’t go to jail, real simple.

  4. Thomas K. Pedersen

    Lincoln and later all the honest fighters for equality, like MLK, fought to eliminate racially-based laws. The goal in America was always phrased as eliminating discrimination AND race consciousness. MLK wanted the focus to be on performance, NOT color or any other sign of ethnicity. What Warren and others like her seem to want is to return to segregation, but with the minority ruling the majority. What the, AND ALL OF US, should be focused on in creating a “oneness” of community where the only focus is no ability and performance. We might even (HORRORS) come together in Pride of Country, thankful that we as a nation have moved further faster than any on this planet to create equality of opportunity (NOT result…that has never been guaranteed and cannot…only Socialists and Communists promise that and they have always failed). Warren, Jackson, Sharpton, and Sanders are some of the most prominent ( as judged by Media) purveyors of a false narrative. They lie and agitate while doing nothing to improve the financial independence of those they purport to lead and protect. Meanwhile, the current “attackee,” President Trump has taken steps that have resulted in the highest employment statistics of minorities on record, enabling them to become increasingly financially independent of and from government “handouts” that have kept them dependent for so many generations on Progressive Left government without helping them get financial freedom. A Professional Journalist cadre would have focused on this anomaly between promise and effect decades ago. But that class of media no longer exists.

  5. Bigot will say anything to be president. LIAR and your so called laws would be rasist

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