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Biden Loses His Marbles – Grrr Graphics – Tina Toon

Well. Joe’s marbles are not in New Hampshire…

Joe Biden is done. Stick a fork in him. Kaput!

It’s just a matter of time before sleepy, creepy Joe falls back asleep and dreams of running barefoot through Ukraine cash with Hunter by his side.

The piss-poor performance at the New Hampshire primary confirmed what everyone was thinking, but were afraid to say out loud, Joe Biden will NEVER be the nominee and NEVER be President.

We almost, and we mean ALMOST, feel sorry for Biden. Every time Joe ran for the nomination he lost. The Fake News wanted us to believe that he could beat Trump. After all, Biden was Barack Hussein Obama’s Vice President! It would be the third perfect term of Obama and the end of the anomaly called Trump.

They were wrong.


Biden came in 5th place in New Hampshire. In fact, he didn’t even show up on primary night, scurrying off to South Carolina before the results were final.

When reporters asked about the bloodbath in NH, all Biden could say was,

“I’m not giving up on New Hampshire! And don’t poke that in my face, okay buddy?”

It’s over Joe.

Who will drop out first? Biden or Warren?



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