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Biden Attacks Sanders Over Medicare For All: ‘How Much Is That Gonna Cost?’


2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden attacked fellow 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders over Sanders’ Medicare For All’ plan, asking, “how much is that gonna cost?”

The two presidential candidates kicked off Friday night’s Democratic debates by sparring over Medicare for All at ABC’s debate at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. The former vice president pointed out that though Sanders promises to provide Medicare for All, he “is not willing to solve what the damn thing” will cost.

“Bernie says that we have to bring people together and that we have to have Medicare for All,” Biden said, “and he says he wrote the damn thing. But he’s not willing to solve what the damn thing is gonna cost.”

“How much is it gonna cost,” Biden questioned Sanders. “Who is gonna pay for it? It will cost more than the entire federal budget we spend now. More than the entire budget. The idea middle class taxes aren’t going to go up is just crazy.”

“So how much is it gonna cost,” he asked again. “If you ask Bernie that, I’ll ask him again tonight sometime, he says, ‘go figure, I don’t know, we’ll find out.’”

“Imagine you’re going to unite the country walking into the congress, say I got this bill, it’s gonna provide medicare for everybody, i can’t tell you how much its gonna cost, we’ll find out later, it’s likely to be double everything we spend in the federal government, who do you think is gonna get that passed?”

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