Beware Democrats In The Oval Office: They Represent Strife, Division And Poverty

With the successful, honest, America-first Donald Trump in office, the Democrats are causing strife, fear and confusion every hour of every day in an attempt to tarnish his record. Imagine what would happen to this nation if Trump weren’t in the Oval Office to block the Democrats’ dictatorial, far left programs and policies.

The two-year-long collusion investigation that the Democrats waged against President Trump and his supporters and associates would have been successful if the Democrats still held the White House and appointed the FBI Chief and the Attorney General of the Justice Department.

It’s a given that the radical, leftist, lying press will ignore bad actions and policies that Democrats engage in. The only evil they can see is Donald Trump, and in spite of his frequent presser gatherings, and in spite of his economic and international accomplishments, they won’t give him credit for having accomplished anything.

Consider what happened in Germany once the National Socialist, Nazi party took control: persecution of Jews, a round-up of “subversives” in the streets of every town, wholesale killings as the police were corrupted by the political leaders of the nation, with no oversight of what the leader was doing as the nation prepared for war against its neighbors in Europe.

In current-day America, even with a popular, up front, successful president in office, we see police officers being killed by leftist mobs, Jews being attacked by crazy leftists, House Republicans being shot at by a Sanders supporter while playing baseball, legitimate elections being overthrown due to imagined “collusion”, and personal sexual and racial identity being self-identified, all of which maladies are caused by radical Democrats. So just try to imagine the destruction they will cause if they get control of the FBI, and the CIA again.

And consider the destruction done to the nation’s peace and the threat to democracy that ANTIFA and the Black Lives Matter gangs have caused, to witness what awaits the nation if another Democrat takes control as president.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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