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A NYT Writer Said Trump’s Immigrant Crime Stories Were ‘Bogus’ – Then DHS Provided Him Examples


After a New York Times op-ed writer said President Donald Trump’s stories about immigrant crime were “bogus,” a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security provided him with examples.

David Brooks, an opinion writer for The New York Times, appeared on PBS NewsHour on Feb. 7 to discuss a slate of political topics, such as the president’s recent acquittal, the Democratic presidential election and Trump’s latest State of the Union address. While speaking about the address, Brooks referred to the president’s mention of immigrant-related crime as “bogus stories.”

“Yes, I actually thought it was his most effective speech as president,” Brooks said of the address. “He had some of the stuff he has always had, which is these bogus stories of crimes that immigrants have committed.”

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“But if you go back to his campaign in 2016, it was an American carnage campaign. It was all crime,” he continued. “It was all fear. It was all division.”

Heather Swift, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) explained on social media why this remark was “not true.”

Swift tweet.

Heather Swift’s tweet about illegal immigrant crime is pictured. Screenshot. (2/10/2020)

“Hi, [Brooks]. Saw your interview, where you said POTUS had ‘bogus stories of crimes that immigrants have committed,’” Swift tweeted Monday. 

“Not true. Let me introduce you to a few,” she added. “I’m sad to say there are many, many tragic stories of lives destroyed and lost due to crimes by illegal aliens.”

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  1. Elitists like Brooks always consider policy effects in the abstract. Individuals are data points, and a single data point does not a trend make. Harrowing accounts of rape and murder by illegal aliens are unpersuasive, dismissed as anecdotal and in no way descriptive of the mean, media, or mode of the population in question. That’s why charlatans and climate scientists are so enamored of statistics. The personal pain and anguish of an individual is difficult to ignore. It’s much easier to hide the truth in a blizzard of numbers and bewildering graphs.

    After all, if you want an omelet ya gotta break a few eggs.

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