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6 Facts about Business masterminds that you Never Knew

Have you ever asked yourself why you should join a business mastermind group? It is a good question for business owners who are looking to take their businesses to greater heights and need guidance and extra support from like-minded peers. To help you understand the business mastermind world better, here are facts you probably didn’t know about business mastermind groups. There are also available programs such as Maui mastermind business coaching program that are highly effective to scale your business.

1. There’s no one-on-one coaching

If you have been thinking of joining mastermind groups to benefit from one-on-one coaching, then you are not the right candidate for this concept. While you might think that there is a little overlap, a mastermind group is very different from coaching. When you hire the services of a business coach, you get a chance to work together through your business challenges and there are often direct suggestions specifically tailored to your situation.

On the other hand, learning in mastermind groups doesn’t occur only when the spotlight is on you but also when it is focused on others and they are learning strategies that you can apply to your business as well. In other words, learning in mastermind groups happens when you see other people’s journeys and challenges.

2. It can help you uncover blind spots in business and personal life

The concept of a mastermind group is based on the fact that when people who share common objectives join hands, they can achieve greater results than what they could have achieved individually. A meeting of like-minded people often generates an aura of energy that allows them to uncover hidden truths and overcome obstacles in their success paths. Since members approach issues from different angles, being part of a business mastermind can help discover certain aspects in business and life that you may not have been aware of.

3. A Mastermind group is not a place to vent

Business mastermind groups are always focused on getting solutions. Their goal is to solve problems as a group. This implies that most of them have ‘we-believe-in-you ‘or ‘can do’ attitudes with tons of encouragement and support thrown into everything. It is not a place to complain about your problems without looking for a solution. When you opt to join a business mastermind group, you should be ready to overcome your challenges, and in the end, feel confident knowing how you can conquer your future obstacles.

4. It entails creating lasting relations with the right people

Whether you are a well-versed business executive or an entry-level employee, you may sometimes feel isolated when it comes to seeking help on certain issues. However, a mastermind group allows you to share your dreams and aspirations as well as fears with people who truly understand them. This forms the basis of meaningful connections made with people who are ready to not only provide support and comfort but also help immensely down the road.

5. Online mastermind groups are as valuable as physical groups

One of the benefits of joining a business mastermind is an opportunity to expand your network. With online mastermind groups, you have a chance to make your network even wider. Whether you live in a rural neighborhood in Wisconsin or New York City, you can always find like-minded people who live miles away. So, if you limit your network to people who live within a driving distance, you limit the number of people you can learn from.

Online mastermind groups also allow for more flexibility which increases your commitment. For instance, when you meet online, group members:

  • Are more likely to arrive for meetings on time
  • Don’t have to deal with traffic issues
  • Can join from any part of the globe that’s convenient to them
  • Don’t have to include travel time in their schedules, which saves a lot of time in the end
  • They can watch recordings of meetings that they missed.

6. Terms and conditions of mastermind groups vary

Terms and conditions, policies, and qualifications of business mastermind groups vary based on people who run them. Some groups are made of people who already know one another, making the qualification requirement simply who you know. Other mastermind groups require an application and a vetting process while others are based on members’ years of experience or knowledge of a given industry.

Maui business mastermind and most established groups subscribe to three basic qualities that members must subscribe commit to:

  • Courage to ask for help
  • Humility to accept help
  • Discipline to take action

If you dare to seek help, accept advice, and actually do what you promise other group members that you are going to do, you are a great candidate for most business mastermind groups. Beyond that, your industry, paychecks, level of leadership, and background have less bearing on the success that you can achieve by joining mastermind groups. Put simply, the group is only as good as members who are ready to show up, share ideas freely, and act on the ideas.


If you feel like you want to take your business to the next level but want input from like-minded people who can also hold you accountable, a business mastermind group could be a great choice. Hopefully, the above facts have shed some light on what you should expect from business mastermind groups. As you can see, it is as much about giving ideas as receiving and the relationships that are often created in these groups tend to be valuable in the long term.

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