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You Can’t Do Anything – Tina Toon

Does Iran Really want War?

Has the US crossed a Red Line?

Is appeasement a sign of weakness?

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As the war fear mongering escalates in the FAKE news and Social Media, we all need to re-read the President’s statement:

“We took action last night to stop a war. We did not take action to start a war,” Trump said.

Unlike the endless wars of the Bushes and Obama, (War is A racket), the US does not have to just rely on sanctions or conventional war. Trump can simple take out their key facilities or leadership without risking American lives.

Tehran is economically feeble and outgunned. Iran’s people have been oppressed by the radical mullahs and yearn for freedom. Iran doesn’t want a real war and neither does the USA.

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Trump has repeatedly said we are not looking for “regime change”.

To sum it up in layman’s terms… “Don’t Tread on me….Or else”

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  1. Force Recon Marine

    Lieberals who opine on these forum walls roll their bullshit into little balls – those who believe those words of wit, eat those little balls of shit!!!

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