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Which President Trump Accomplishment Do They Not Like???

Trump-keeping-campaign-promises2019 was a great year for President Trump with all his major accomplishments yet if you listen to the mainstream destroy Trump media like CNN or MSNBC you wouldn’t think the economy was great or he had any accomplishments when he’s had more than all the presidents put together. Trump had 300 accomplishments over the last three years, but the media won’t report any of them. They are so jealous and so angry that they are out of power with their darling democrats and Hillary losing that they have totally lost it and succumbed to what is known as TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), a mental condition where a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of President Trump to the point where they will abandon all logic and reason. Symptoms of this condition can be very diverse ranging from hysterical outbursts to complete mental breakdown.


When Trump first got in office in 2016 the media vowed not to report anything positive about him. Here are just some of his accomplishments:

  • Unemployment at a 50 year low
  • Median household income at an all time high
  • The Dow closed at a record high 22 times
  • Signed U.S.-Japan trade deal
  • US passed USMCA deal;
  • Border crossings are at a record low
  • Ordered operation that killed Al-bagdadi
  • Withdrew U.S. troops from Syria
  • 187 judges confirmed more than all the presidents in history

He’s also increased oil and gas exploration by opening the new pipelines like the Keystone pipeline and Dakota pipelines which employs thousands of people and keeps prices lower at the pump. We are now the net exporter of oil in the world and energy independent for the first time in 75 years,

Trump has also tightened the borders and put tighter restrictions on people entering for asylum so we get people in here based on merit legally and not illegally.

TRUMP-ECONOMY-GROWTH-01All this while Nancy Pelosi and her House democrats worked on bringing false impeachment charges against him. To want to oust a president that has done so much for the country and its people shows a lack of respect and love for the country and a hatred for the country.


The moment the new democrats got in Rashida Tlaib let out with her now-famous “Impeach the motherfu**er” quote without knowing anything about Trump.

Recently speaking before the House, GOP House minority leader Kevin McCarthy referred to the famous quote. Representative Ilhan Omar yelled for McCarthy to “stop it” and yelled it several times after McCarthy recalled the famous quote. Tensions were high and Omar seemed to think it was okay to lose her cool in the situation. Rather than letting the comment go since it wasn’t specifically directed at her, she decided to take it as the amateur that she is.

Tensions were high and Omar seemed to think it was okay to lose her cool in the situation. Rather than letting the comment go since it wasn’t specifically directed at her, she decided to take it like the amateur that she is.

McCarthy repeated that those were not his words. He didn’t say them, which means that anyone who finds it offensive needs to take it up with Tlaib. She was the one that said those words within hours of taking the oath that she would uphold the Constitution. Essentially, she took an oath and went back on her word because she was willing to impeach President Trump without evidence and without proof. The call to the Ukrainian president hadn’t been made yet. There was nothing to impeach him on except that he wasn’t Hillary Clinton. Yet Ilhan Omar yelled, “Stop it!”

Omar comes from a third world country so what else can you expect. So far she has married her blood brother to make him a citizen here, cheated on her husband and raided her campaign finances for personal use and had an affair with one of her employees. I think in America she would be called a slut.

Omar pic

Omar and Tlaib took an oath to say they support the Constitution, but show by their actions that is a lie. They come from countries where Sharia Law rules. Sharia Law is not compatible with our Constitution and Bill of Rights. But the problem is that most of the “old guard” Democrats have been in office so long they think they can do whatever they want, to hell with the Constitution. They don’t really care what the Constitution says; they will make the laws as they go along, just like Obama did. As long as there is no one to challenge them, they will continue their corrupt practices. Maybe the Republicans are waking up enough to counter their actions; it is about time.

The entire country has exploded with new and great ideas to support our president.  As Democrats try to drown out all the praises, President Trump is receiving glory across the country.

People who call themselves patriots claim that if President Trump is removed from office either by the impeachment, which is highly unlikely or if he is voted out in 2020, there is no doubt another civil war will start.  There is a lot more than what people think, and the numbers are significant.

T-2018-HRR-The-Left-has-already-started-the-civil-warIt is also unlikely President Trump will lose this election because people are showing up by the masses to show support a year before the election is started.

People who support Trump are labeled racist by democrats and liberals. If anyone wants to know what “a racist” is as a president needs to look at former President Obama.  That was “racist,” and he divided this country more than any other leader in history, not just president, but a leader!.

With all we have witnessed in these last few years with the Democrats, no one could dream of the worst nightmare. Trump fights for America.


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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. Instead of bashing Trump 24/7 why don’t LIEberals extol the virtues of the Demorrhoid Party and what they have contributed to the betterment of American people for past eleven plus years? — What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?

    When asked about any ‘tangible’ contributions made by Democrats these past eleven years all we hear are crickets!! This reminds me of Hillary Clinton supporters trying to recall or name just one accomplishment she made in 20 plus years!

    Demorrhoidic voting base is so stupid and brainwashed they even when their candidates promise to raise their taxes, disarm them, and leave their borders unprotected they will still vote for then just because they have a “D” after their name of their party name.

    No one has been able to explain to me, in common and rational language, what it is that our President is doing that is so bad for America let alone committed ANY CRIME that motivates them to hate him and his supporters. Has Trump proposed taking away any of our Constitutional rights? Have any of our rights disappeared? Has Trump proposed levying higher taxes? Has Trump caused the economy to fail? Has Trump started any new wars? Have minorities suffered more under Trump’s leadership than any previous Administrations? Did Trump run guns into Mexico? Did Trump direct the IRS to target Leftists non-profit groups? Did Trump spy on journalists? No, I think Trump’s biggest sin was exposing the corruption of, and humiliating the Left as well as those in the entitlement culture since the 2016 Presidential election.

    So which Øb☭m☭ accomplishments do you consider to be his best? Allowed men in the women’s room * Gave our enemy Iran billions of dollars * Failed to secure our southern border * Obstructed the construction of the Keystone Pipeline *Weaponizing the IRS using Lois Lerner to hinder conservative non-profit groups * Used the NSA and Clapper to spy on average American citizens and the Associated Press then LIE about it * Swapping five Taliban Commanders for Bowe Bergdhal a spineless Army deserter * Ran up the National Dept past $20 trillion * Using the U.S. government in the vast expansion of Racial Division * Disrespecting Law Enforcement to the point of being killed in ambushes * Failed economic stimulus plan * Caused the price of healthcare to rise drastically * Constant disregard the Rule of Law – our Constitution * Failed to stop housing foreclosures (the Clinton Legacy) * Failed to stop the erosion of the education system * Not only failed to curb but increased the cost of higher education * Highest percentage of people on food stamps both legal and illegal * Lowest GDP on record for eight years * Highest unemployment on record * Denied the idea of American Exceptionalism * Benghazi * Using his pen and phone to circumvent the U.S. Constitution. Went on an “Apology Tour” * All the LIES about the “Affordable Healthcare Act” Øb☭m☭care * Weaponizing the CIA and FBI then Submitting phony documentation to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign * Then top this all off boasting that there wasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption!!! Now that takes GALL!!!

    Lying, Obfuscation, and Deflection are tools LIEberals use to promote their agenda and confuse suckers who believe these fabrications No lie is too egregious or action so outrageous to promote their agenda.

  2. Thank you Wayne: I wish more folks would wake up and stop feeding on LIEberal BULLSHIT and want to return to adhering to the Rule of Law

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