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What Ever Happened to Logic?

Logic isn’t a simple talking point. If it were, why are so many Americans – especially Democrats, Never Trumpers, and the media so overwhelmingly rejecting it?

Dictionaries define logic as, “the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference.” For most of us, we would confirm it means understanding truth and fact, right? Well, liberals have a total disconnect with truth.

Denying fact and truth appear to be what’s ‘vogue’ with non-conservatives. When Liberals are caught expressing their lies and Russian propaganda, they never apologize – just make up more! Yet, Liberals are quick to protest truth and tell us it is just Russian propaganda. Hmmm…

Would any sane person want the chore of detailing and exposing every lie told by Democrats – especially about President Trump? Just the Russia/Trump collusion hoax would take months! Next, imagine documenting all of their other false allegations.

Yes, the lies go on and on and there is no end because Democrats can’t stand seeing a Republican taking away the Democrat core voters forcing them to become anti-Americans. Therefore, regardless of the outcome of the impeachment hoax, Democrats and their media sycophants will continue to allege false criminal allegations committed by President Trump.

Just as in so many elections and the Kavanaugh hearings, don’t be surprised when Democrats parade ‘star witnesses’ into the news cycles trying to demean the Senate trial. How stupid was the Kavanaugh hearings? Democrats attempted to convince us one of their ‘star’ witnesses attended multiple ‘rape parties’ until she was eventually raped! Really? Now we learn the start witness Attorney is now in jail!

Meanwhile, two amazing events occurred recently in America that the Democrats and media failed to expose or recognize. First, the peaceful protest against government abuse of our 2nd Amendment. Second, was the peaceful protest against government abuse of Article II.

It’s so critical for Americans to know this because Democrats will tell us the answer to any problem in America is more government and higher taxes! Both protests were the antithesis of Democrat dogma and proof many of us don’t buy the Democrat talking-points.

It proves that ‘logic’ is alive and well with many Americans. It’s like searching for people after a tornado wipes out neighborhoods and finding someone alive in the debris piled on top of them. That glimmer of hope gives us the drive to scramble support to support them.

America, let this become a wake up notice. Now is the time for all of us to nurture and support such brave souls willing to stand for America – regardless of geographical locations. Next, we need to recruit and support others to join this movement and expose the anti-Americans for who they really are – Russian activists!

Let’s also not suggest these were the only unique events happening in America. There are still many good and decent Americans fighting for our rights all across America. They are not on the news because this doesn’t fit the media narrative. Please start doing your own research.

Repeatedly, we learn the genesis of most problems in America is government over-reach and corruption. Let’s make sure we also understand being free people doesn’t mean we can do ‘anything’ we choose. Let’s be clear… evil is not a ‘right’ given to free people. Sins and crime are punished to improve societies.

Freedom means supporting others to pursue a greater society where all citizens are able to turn their goals and dreams into reality. It means living our lives as unto the Lord. It means being free to worship, associate with others without intimidation, to speak freely, vote for leaders of government we support, to succeed and fail, and to love one another in the pursuit of happiness.

Government monitoring or interference in our lives based upon elite government employee preferences, suspicions, or political party affiliations must never become a norm. It means everyone – not just a few, have access to due process.

Government crimes must become just as illegal and punishable as any others would. Those sitting in government chairs in every form of government must be held accountable for their votes or actions for illegal and/or unconstitutional laws supported or passed. Otherwise, we will see all of our cities converted to decadent anti-American cities.

All of these issues are a part of being a worthy American citizen. We should celebrate and thank God that our founding Fathers had the wisdom and foresight to establish a country based upon Godliness and freedom. Unfortunately, we are beginning to see those who hate God and freedom, attacking our inheritances like as never before in our history.

Logic dictates our Constitution is not something to despise, but something worth fighting for, right? So, why are so many Americans allowing others to destroy our freedoms? Why are those attempting to destroy our freedoms not being shamed for who and what they are – anti-Americans or Russian allies? Calling any anti-American any other name does not legitimize their intent.

Please look around the world and take note of those countries where freedom doesn’t exist. Is this what America wants to mimic? Where is the benefit for all citizens in these anti-freedom countries? In summary, if the answer is ever ‘government’, pray tell what in the hell is the question!

If government health insurance is an answer to health issues, then why isn’t Veteran Health Care the envy of the world instead of a despicable health care system? Veterans often tell us that after going to war, the VA offers them a second chance to die for their country.

Today, we have government telling us that murdering the unborn and recently born is appropriate.  Is this an appropriate conclusion for any ‘civilized’ society? If so, then shouldn’t we begin human sacrifices to Gods that falsely produce fertility, rain, cold or hot weather, and whatever other Godless swindle some might have?

Yes, when we destroy God and freedom, government is all that remains to make the rules for all. Can you identify any person in government you are willing to entrust your family’s lives? Next, please consider all the needless wars instigated by government. Consider what government employees have done to President Donald Trump! Would you like to be a member of his family and deal with all the lies and false accusations?

Obviously, if government employees can do this to President Trump, can’t they do it to us? Why are Americans unable to apply logic in this situation? Meanwhile, we see more accusations that are false coming from government employees with no prosecutions!

When we find Americans peacefully protesting government corruption, isn’t it encouraging? Shouldn’t Americans hold more protests of ill-conceived government philosophies? Shouldn’t we at least encourage Americans to grow a spine?

Does it make sense to provide abortions using the ruse of protecting women rights, while denying them the right to bear arms? Please guess which sex is the most vulnerable to rape, violence, abuse, and death in our societies! Where’s logic?

Therefore, if we should ever falsely believe government would become a bastion of logic, something is inherently wrong with one’s logic. Logic is something applied to our lives in appropriate ways that address issues – not masking them. Logic comes from a free people able to do, say, and implement what is best for their lives.

Logic is never a “PC” issue! Government employees enforcing their Godless philosophies upon others is never an example of logic. Government is routinely nothing more than barriers stifling personal and business growth, prosperity, and happiness.

In order for any Government to exist, it must first take from those that have in order to give to those that don’t have. Then government adds insult to injury by taking their intermediary cut to sustain and empower themselves.

Logic obviously mandates smaller government helps improve society where freedom and prosperity is encouraged and rewarded. Smaller government means having a system easily controlled and correctable when needs arise. Smaller government means getting out of the way and allowing people to make decisions that is best for them.

Aren’t any other options, ill-logic?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. Your article is MAGNIFICENT! Heaven forbid that Americans should use logic in their decision making.

    I much appreciate your article. It gives me hope.

    Vivat Jesus!

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