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Is there a ‘Truth-Telling Trend’ on the Horizon for 2020?

…”creatives”  who prided themselves on thinking “outside the box” are now the first ones to try to put you in it.

Hollywood Director Terry Gilliam recently had the temerity to say he’s ‘tired’ of white men being blamed for everything that is wrong in the world.”

Predictable gasps are still being heard from Hollywood, Washington, and the Leftist Media establishment as they plot to destroy his career, his reputation and his life.

We’ve watched this pattern again and again. The more breathlessly the sanctimonious Left claims to be offended, the more likely they are guilty of precisely that about which they feign such offense.

On the heels of the Gilliam moment, there has also been a terrific Gervais moment.  He’s currently the toast of flyover country for his scathing rebuke of Hollywood hypocrisy at The Golden Globe Awards. Many of us had stopped watching those self-congratulatory lecture-fests a long time ago, but the video of his opening monologue is everywhere.  If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look. It’s a delicious, belated Christmas present.

In a country that has stood as a beacon to the rights and traditions of free expression,  it has been heartbreaking to see how much courage has been required in recent years for an individual to tell the truth as he or she sees it.   Of course, that’s only if it doesn’t comport with Leftist orthodoxy.  If you tout hate for America, you get free reign—even to the point of pummeling a 14-year-old kid wearing a MAGA hat on a subway train.

How did we get here?  While we were doing other things, America became the land of the freely offended and the home of a brave new world—where the same “creatives” who used to pride themselves on thinking “outside the box” are now the first ones to try to put you in it.

With the New Year, it looks like that caldron of hypocrisy has finally begun to boil over.  In preparation for a raucus and rowdy election year, Americans are itching for a major comeuppance.  A comeuppance from Barr, and from Durham, from McConnell and from Nunes, and of course, from one of the all-time greatest in the comeuppance business, Donald Trump.

The Left has cheered our enemies and trashed our country one too many times and it looks like everyday Americans are ready for the fight.

Is this the beginning of a trend?  If it isn’t, we can help make it one.  Let’s congratulate Gilliam and Gervais and start telling our own truth louder and more often than ever.  As we grow the numbers of those who defy the speech bullies we will get that pendulum swinging back faster toward freedom and the Rule of Law.

Just like those gym commercials that are so abundant this time of year.  Speaking up and telling the truth is like a muscle. Use it or lose it.

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Reprinted with permission from KarenKataline.com

Karen Kataline

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio. She has an active blog and her Op Eds can be seen online at Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Western Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, FrontPage Mag, and The American Thinker. She is the author of an award-winning memoir, FATLASH! Food Police & the Fear of Thin, a personal account and analysis of her experience with child beauty pageants & food restriction.

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  1. Hi Thomas, I intended the question to pertain to those who see through the alternative universe of the Left and the media. Thanks for letting me know that may not have been clear.

  2. @Thomas K. Pedersen Is there a ‘Truth-Telling Trend’ on the Horizon for 2020? Not by any LIEberal either!!!

  3. Answering the question posed by the headline: No! Not by the Media, not by the Left, and to the degree attempted by anyone else, censored and ignored by the media.

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