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‘Good Job’ : Sen. Manchin Discusses Huge Impression Trump’s Legal Defense Team Left on Him


Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said Saturday that President Donald Trump’s legal defense did a “good job” defending the president after House Democrats made their case for impeachment.

Trump’s legal defense is “making me think about things,” Manchin, a Democrat, told CNN’s Manu Raju. His comments come as Trump’s team is given a period of time to defend the president’s dealings with Ukraine’s president.

“One thing that stuck in my mind is they said there isn’t a witness they have had so far that had direct contact with the president. I’d love to hear from [Office of Management and Budget Director Mick] Mulvaney and [former national security adviser John] Bolton,” he said. “I’ll be very impartial til the end.”

House Democrats believe Bolton’s possible testimony in the impeachment trial could be a game-breaker, leading to more potential charges leveled against the president.

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  1. Derrell, and why not? The purpose of these faux Impeachment hearings is to keep the possibility of Trump’s nefarious schemes ever before the American electorate and thus to secure is losing the 2020 election. Even when the Senate acquits the President, the demonrats will find something else with which to accuse President Trump: perhaps not paying for his Girl Scout cookie order.

  2. Yeah, Joe is playing it close to the chest isn’t he? Oh! Llet’s just love a “rational” democrat! He wants to hear from Mulvany and Bolton?. What? For more lies? Give me a break!!!

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