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Get Your Messaging Administrator Role Right Now with Microsoft MS-202 Exam through Exam Dumps


For professionals who had taken and passed some exams that were retired earlier, taking a transition exam is required. This is an exam that enables candidates to move to the newly introduced Microsoft credentials and exams without having to begin afresh. Microsoft MS-202 is one such exam. This article is meant to guide you through this transition test and its requirements, also leading you to Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate badge. You’ll also get to know what you need to do to ensure you pass it.

Why Microsoft MS-202 Exam?

Here, MS-202 test was designed for professionals who have passed exam 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. Also, by taking this MS-202 test, you’ll manage to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate. Remember this transition exam will soon be retiring. It’s planned that the test would be replaced with two other exams that enable candidates to earn this same credential. These two tests will be MS-200 and MS-201.

What Microsoft MS-202 Exam Includes

Speaking further, the test was developed for messaging administrators who perform tasks like management of hygiene, managing messaging architecture, configuration of hybrid, migration, high availability, and disaster recovery, and more functions. Their tasks include the following topics that the exam questions might be set from:

  • Management of modern messaging architecture
  • Managing topology for mail flow
  • Management of recipients as well as devices
  • Planning and implementing mixed-type configuration and migration
  • Securing messaging environments

In particular, this MS-202 test’s duration will be 150 minutes. Some types of questions you need to expect in the assessment include short answer, multiple choice, active screen, best answer, drag-and-drop, case studies, and review screen. You’ll need to attain a mark of not less than 700 points to move to the next step of earning the certification. Every exam taker has to pay $165 to be allowed to sit for it.

Reasons to Pass Microsoft MS-202 Exam

Hereby, taking and passing this associate-level MS-202 exam enables you to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Provides You with Elaborated Way to Earn Role-Based Credential

There’s a current sensation in the IT world due to the introduction by Microsoft of role-based certifications. For a long time, there was a missing link between the aiming professionals’ skills and the roles they were expected to qualitatively perform. But now, thanks to the developed qualifications focusing on specific job roles, things have changed for the better in the IT field. So, if you had taken 70-345 exam, you now have a chance to acquire a successive certification that focuses on the tasks you’re going to perform at your workplace. MS-202 exam grants you this opportunity.

  1. Earning Certification by Microsoft Is Considered Prestigious

Further on, passing exam MS-202 goes beyond just earning a certification. It’s also about earning a certification that professionals and organizations hold with high esteem, implying that Microsoft certifications have achieved a prestigious status that enables individuals holding them to be noticed by both colleagues and employers. It’s such a great advantage to become Microsoft certified to enjoy these privileges.

  1. Validates Your Messaging Administrator Skills

This exam has topics and concepts that candidates should study and understand to the proper extent, as well as demonstrate mastery of skills in specific messaging platform’ areas. By passing the test, you validate that you are knowledgeable and skilled in the required technical domains and prove to be an expert in performing relevant tasks and duties.

  1. Assumes Improved Job Opportunities

Since the 70-345 exam mostly focused on products, it was a bit challenging for some candidates to acquire role-based knowledge as well as skills. That’s why Microsoft had to introduce exam MS-202 for Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrators to allow these professionals to gain the skills based on their preferred role. This has led to an improvement in opportunities for jobs for professionals. It’s now easier to get the jobs based on their current role-focused skills as opposed to how it was previously.

  1. Enhanced Salary Prospects

With capacities grounded on the role performed you’re likely to take the job that pays you well. With it, employers will surely prefer a professional able to deliver tasks with efficiency and as a result, help them reduce production costs.

For such a well-prepared specialist, any organization will have no problems paying a decent salary. Thus, role-based qualifications ensure professional and qualitative work with the average salary for messaging administrators per annum standing for $68,288 up, according to PayScale’s reports.

Preparing for Microsoft MS-202 Exam

Frankly speaking, the Microsoft MS-202 transition exam is a relatively tough test to tackle. That’s why you should pull all your resources together, also securing enough time to cover the needed concepts that will give you the much-needed profound knowledge. Mastering the tests’ content calls for materials specifically designed to help you pass these Microsoft assessments. This way, you will need to revise the content using various vendor-developed tools like the coach-led courses as well as external reliable resources like comprehensive tests’ guides, and practical labs. To enhance your preparation process, opt for the supplementary material, such as exam dumps.

To know which exam MS-202 tools are helpful, you have to understand the topics outlined for the exam. Like this, with the valuable Microsoft Learning free platform, you can have all the content you need for the all-inclusive overview of all the exams’ topics, and much more.

The next thing to do is ensuring the online prep resources for the messaging administrators test within your reach that help you study at your own pace and with study methods preferred like instructor-led prep courses. The latter are conducted by qualified instructors with many years of experience in the field.

Besides courses, you can make use of study guides and Microsoft exam dumps. Study guides can be obtained through Microsoft Press or Amazon. To get the best out of your learning, you ought to practice the knowledge you’re acquiring. This approach helps you to completely polish up on the troublesome areas in the test and focus on passing it.

To this point, you can achieve this deep knowledge through the Exam-Labs website that gives you a chance to practice for your exam using free exam dumps for Microsoft MS-202. These are opened through the valid VCE Player. Training with exam dumps, you’ll see how well you are prepared for your exam, find the areas you need to focus on, get skills to complete the test within the allocated time.

Have a glance at this valid resource and evaluate their training courses, study guides, and premium files prepared by experienced tutors, and much more.


It’s evident indeed how much you can benefit from passing the Microsoft MS-202 exam. You only need to make up your mind and take the test. This is the first step towards achieving the goals that you have set for yourself a skilled specialist worthy of gaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate credential!

So, make a brave move with exam dumps and take a step towards achieving the goals set for yourself as an aspiring messaging administrator!

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