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Engendering Gender Dysphoria


Does teaching “gender fluidity” produce gender dysphoria?

The school board in Denver, Colorado recently passed a resolution requiring all district schools to provide at least one all-gender bathroom. The board also mandated speech by requiring staff to use students’ preferred names and pronouns regardless of their official names or gender.

Additionally, the Board said employees should not be disciplined for “disclosing their sexual orientation or gender identity in work-appropriate ways,” and that teachers and other staff should be allowed to hang a rainbow flag or other symbols that represent support for LGBT people.” The Denver Post reported.

In a time when “Drag-queen Story Hour” is considered appropriate, it’s hard to tell what “work-appropriate” means to these activists. I also wonder if children will be allowed to take a knee in protest of the rainbow flag.

Using the law to mandate drastic cultural changes and beliefs which destroy long-held traditions is a strategy that is hardly unique to Denver or Colorado. It’s being franchised in cities and towns around the country.

Why is there such an obsession with bathrooms, gender and sexual identity among the Left?  They continue to claim, often with more than a hint of hysteria, that if we don’t force these policies on everyone, “trans kids” will die because they commit suicide at a higher rate. We are expected believe that this is our fault because we accept them. We must therefore make these changes so they will feel “included.”  If we don’t, we are cruel, intolerant and “trans-phobic.”

We are also expected to accept that there are “trans-kids.” You don’t?  See the preceding paragraph. Except for a tiny percentage of children who are born with abnormal chromosomes or other genetic abnormalities, kids must first understand their biological gender before they can reject it in favor of the opposite one.  Yet, Leftist “culture warriors” cheer trans-transitions as much as any evangelical Christian who has made a new convert.

This is not unlike how the Left rejects America itself without ever having been taught or understood the brilliant principles on which our country was Founded.


Not surprisingly, the definition of Gender Dysphoria has continued to change as politics and political correctness has infiltrated the mental health field. Essentially, it means to have “anxiety about one’s biological gender.”

It may seem like decades ago, but remember when we laughed at the ridiculous notion of “gender fluidity?”  

I did my share of giggling in a piece for FrontPageMag.com called, 2018 Leftist Ideas Most Worthy of Mockery & Derision. “Gender Fluidity” was the first of 10 ideas on the list.

While the mockery continued, the Left was busy teaching this and a whole lot more to kids from kindergarten through college.

If you teach “gender fluidity” to kids as young as two, is it surprising that more children ever will become anxious about their gender?


Combine that with the normal challenges of learning to discern fact from fiction, and unfounded fear from reality, and you have an entire generation of anxious and confused children. Along with being told about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus kids are also told, “By the way, you aren’t a boy.”

The radical Left dominates public education and now demands that Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers accept the idea of gender fluidity as well, and that it must be taught to young children. If they don’t believe that it’s healthy for children to watch a 49-year-old drag queen with a full beard in exploitative women’s hair and makeup read to children in a public library, they must shut up about it.

Avid supporters defend this by telling us that it’s all very innocent. Leave it to the Left to call something which is inherently sexual, innocent even though they have sexualized almost everything that is inherently innocent about childhood.

They claim they want to protect minors under the age of 18 from conversion therapy.  In fact, Colorado passed a low to ban conversation therapy for minors just last year. However, they LGBT activists adamantly oppose any bill that would ban puberty blockers and gender-transitioning for those same minors. So, is it about protecting minors or transitioning minors?

Why are they so desperate to do all of this?

Among the greatest threats to socialism is masculinity, Christianity, self-sufficiency, and accountability. That is, accountability to God, not to men or the state.

Many LGBT’ers aren’t Socialists and they would quite likely shrug off the suggestion that they are merely being used as a political means to an end. What attracts them is the “love” and “tolerance in which these programs and policies come wrapped.

The greatest damage in this slash-and-burn march toward cultural Marxism is to a whole generation of children.

Perhaps most heartbreaking of all is that they won’t have any memory of freedom to compare it to.

photo credit: torbakhopper all gender restroom door sign, scott richard via photopin (license)

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Karen Kataline

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio. She has an active blog and her Op Eds can be seen online at Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Western Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, FrontPage Mag, and The American Thinker.

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  1. It is advisable to view all aspects of Political Correctness (i.e., Cultural Marxism) as communistic redistribution: of rights, monies, properties, and now of so-called genders.

    Being allowed the freedom of speech to use the proper pronoun for the objectively appropriate biologically binary sex is equality of opportunity.

    The mandate to use only the demanded pronoun for the subjectively ambiguous variable gender is equality of outcome.

    It is parallel to declaring the doctor a janitor, while declaring the janitor a doctor – and it is just as invalid and dysfunctional.

  2. Most kids have anxiety about something but for adults to add to their discomfort and confusion should be called what it is, child abuse. Lgbt people are all messed up and we want to let them tell us what is good and right for our kids? We tell our kids to be careful of strangers, never to go if asked to go with one yet we tell our kids how to acquire culture is by bringing our children to listen to drag queens in a library? Is the venue supposed to make it more decent? More reason to be unafraid of people who are only interested in our children’s sex? Stop this sickness, save your kids from being turned inside out and upside down, quit telling them they aren’t who they are and bringing them to sideshows and telling them that is what life is. It isn’t

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