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A Simple Question For The Democrat Simpleton, And Chief Idiot, Adam Schiff

For over three years, California Congressman Adam Schiff has been assuring Americans of the Trump/Putin collusion, that he alleges won the 2016 election for President Trump, but which has never been proven in spite of the multi-year investigation that the Democrats ran, with full federal investigative and financial support.

I have a question for Mr. Schiff: If Putin and Trump are working to undermine American elections, and if this collusion was the reason that Trump won the presidency in 2016, then how in the hell did Democrats win a majority in the House in 2018, an outcome that reduced President Trump’s ability to implement his policies? Is it that the president has lost his influence with Putin? Or did the Democrats cheat and stuff the ballot boxes in the 2018 election? Or, just maybe, it was a legitimate election and expressed the will of the voters.

Mr. Schiff recently stated that future United States elections cannot be trusted to fairly represent the desires and the votes of American citizens because of this imagined foreign collusion. Even President Obama scoffed at this notion of election tampering in the fall of 2016 when he said that American elections are so spread out and so diverse that there is no way to illicitly access them in order to manipulate the results.

But Mr. Schiff, having made his stupid and dangerous statement of not trusting the outcome of future elections, makes it seem not only logical, but inevitable, that Democrats will devise a way to undermine any future election that they don’t win, thereby invalidating the votes of Americans in those elections, just as Democrats are today trying to invalidate and overturn the 2016 election of Donald Trump with their impeachment stunt. The impeachment scheme is not only attacking President Trump at a time when he is trying to finalize major international agreements on behalf of all Americans, but it is a direct attack on our constitution and on the citizens of the United States, and it is a promise from the evil and dangerous Democrats to deny the will of the American citizens, and assure Democrat political dominance over this once great nation. Every fool Democrat participating in this impeachment fiasco must be defeated in 2020, because they cannot be trusted to assure constitutional freedom and liberty for our nation any longer.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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