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Will Ivanka Trump Keep Her White House Position If Her Father Is Re-Elected?

Ivanka Trump says her time in Washington, D.C., as an adviser to her father’s presidency will depend on what is best for her family.

“My decisions will always be flexible enough to ensure that their needs are being considered first and foremost. So they will really drive that answer for me,” she told CBS’ “Face the Nation” of her role in President Donald Trump’s White House. 

Ivanka Trump made the comments in an interview that will appear Sunday.

“I think for me, I came down here — it’s about the impact,” she added. “It’s about being able to deliver for the forgotten men and women that I met over the course of two years as I campaigned around this country.”

Her decision also depends on whether her father can withstand a withering impeachment process and win re-election in 2020.  Ivanka Trump also called her work inside the administration “unfinished,” telling CBS’s Gayle King  that “we’ve done so much, but it’s not enough yet.”

Still, she doesn’t appear to be interested in entering politics after her father exits.

“Oh, gosh. You know, for me,  it’s the politics is truthfully less interesting,” Ivanka Trump said of her political ambitions. “Even in this combative climate, where — where people are just killing each other and it’s just pure partisan raw politics, there is so much positivity and there’s so much hope.”

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  1. (To Me) I’ve never been an “Ivanka fan”. Yet, giving her credit for accomplishment , she never should have officed in the White House, nor should any immediate family member of any president. How is her position so important that she ‘has’ to accompany her father on all foreign trips? She and Jarrod are valued assets yet they are not the President or our beautiful First Lady and not afforded the privileges.

    Just my thinkin’….she’s a snob

  2. Will the moon crash into the earth ? About as relevant as this…it’s being parroted all over the place.

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