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What are the reasons for the popularity of phone charging booths at events?

Organizers of commercial events like those linked to marketing and brand promotion want to create the best opportunities for audience engagement. Since the level of audience engagement influences the outcome and success of such events and even impacts the brand awareness, event managers and organizers are ready to walk the extra mile to ensure that the attendees always stay well connected via their mobile devices.

Smartphones have entwined with our lives so much that it seems impossible to spend even a moment without it. The gadgets must always be up and working. To offer uninterrupted communication opportunities to those attending the event, installing a phone charging station has now become essential. It is an excellent way for event organizers to show how much they care for the attendees.

Cell phone charging stations are making engagement easier and provide opportunities for better awareness about the event and brand. The audience participating in events like public festivals, conferences, trade shows, etc. would like to stay well connected with the world while they are at the event. Event organizers have the responsibility to ensure that attendees should never feel any inconvenience due to mobile phones running out of charge. This has made it essential to install phone charging booths at events.

Making up for the attendee’s forgetfulness

Traveling to events is a way of life for the professionals who know well how to prepare for traveling to events. But still, even the most alert and organized person often forgets to carry the phone charger with them. Ask any seasoned executive about his or her experience, and you will know how true this statement is. Indeed, they might also forget many other apparently essential items like toothpaste, toothbrush and socks but none would make them feel as much handicapped as it happens when forgetting to carry the phone charger. A mobile phone that runs out of charge makes a person attending a conference feel marooned as they cannot connect with people as well as the event and feels like losing all interest in participating.

Allowing people to stay always connected to the digital world via smartphones and at all places is a necessity today, and the growing reliance of event managers and organizers on phone charging booths has turned the equipment into the most in-demand event tech accessory.

Attendees spend more time

Having phone charging booths at stalls or event venues is so much assuring for the attendees that they would not mind spending long hours that leads to better engagement that is so much essential for a positive outcome. Moreover, they can improve their experience of attending the event by exchanging real-time information from the venue by using mobile phones extensively without worrying about their devices running out of charge. Keeping mobile phones active while attending events helps people to stay in control of their activities, too, as they remain connected with the people both at the venue and beyond in the way they want.

Higher brand visibility

Installing phone charging booths benefits event organizers not just to gain the confidence of the audience by showing how much they care for them but also enhances brand exposure. A typical Flex charging booth comprises a vertical enclosure with a 20″ digital screen at the top that gives immense opportunities of displaying the brand by using videos and images played in a loop. It provides additional scope for engaging with the brand, and since the charging booth is the most crowded place at the venue, it gives enough opportunities for exposing the brand that drives more traffic.

Caring for attendees

Charging booths allow event organizers to show how much they care about the well-being of those attending the event. The equipment is especially helpful for events of long duration when attendees turn to their mobile devices for refreshment and relief during breaks. When events are of long duration, many attendees would likely face the problem of phone batteries draining. Still, the charging station will help them to continue their participation without worrying. Most venues do not have charging outlets, and even if they do, it might not be as versatile and accommodative as the mobile charging stations equipped for charging devices with different kinds of charging tips as well as USBs and Micro USBs. Having a single outlet is enough to install a charging station that can charge multiple devices.

No worries for the safety of phones

Using public outlets for phone charging can be troublesome because of long ques that could make you wait very long for your turn and worsen the problem of draining batteries. Moreover, these places are not safe to leave your device, and you need to stand there to guard your belongings. This problem is well taken care of in charging stations that come with lockers to store the device and give users complete peace of mind. The lockers can store smartphones as well as tablets. Attendees can leave their phones in the lockers of the charging station while attending the event and collect it later. The time-saving aspect while charging phones is very attractive as attendees need not stay away from the event for long.

More event awareness

Having a cell phone is like having the world in your pocket. The cell phone features and functions are so supportive of our lifestyle that it is impossible to stay without it even for a moment. From talking, texting to taking pictures and videos, the cell phone features expand the horizon of events through the live exchange of information from the venue that enriches the experience of the attendees and adds more value to the event. As attendees keep sharing vital information about the event, the brand receives extensive exposure across social media and other digital platforms, which is a significant benefit for event organizers.

Charging stations provide extra elements of branding, and it is possible to install customized units that uphold the event or brand. Wrapping charging stations with brand images and messages by talking to the equipment supplier who can do it precisely in the way you want.

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