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They’re Not Done: House Judiciary Floats Possibility of Impeaching Trump Again Over McGahn Testimony

House Democrats are open to impeaching President Donald Trump a second time if White House counsel Donald McGahn’s potential testimony reveals the president committed other offenses.

A second impeachment could be necessary if House Democrats see evidence that Trump attempted to obstruct investigations, House counsel Douglas Letter noted in a filing in federal court Monday. Letter was referring Democrats’ pressure for the White House to produce McGahn to testify.

“If McGahn’s testimony produces new evidence supporting the conclusion that President Trump committed impeachable offenses that are not covered by the Articles approved by the House, the Committee will proceed accordingly — including, if necessary, by considering whether to recommend new articles of impeachment,” Letter wrote.

It’s the first such filing since a majority of House Democrats voted Wednesday to impeach Trump.

More than 228 Democrats voiced support for impeachment or an impeachment inquiry even as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initially pushed back against such attempts. Pelosi often argued that she believed Trump goaded Democrats into impeachment because he believes it will fire up his base.

Justice Department lawyers acknowledged in a brief Monday that the decision to impeach on two articles of impeachment — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — does not render moot another fight to have McGahn testify, Politico reported Monday.

Lawyers for the administration say the vote to impeach makes the immediacy of producing McGahn no longer necessary.

“The reasons for refraining are even more compelling now that what the Committee asserted — whether rightly or wrongly — as the primary justification for its decision to sue no longer exists,” the DOJ lawyers wrote in the brief.

Letter said in the brief that McGahn’s testimony could add gravity to the case once the impeachments articles come before the Senate.

“McGahn’s testimony is critical both to a Senate trial and to the Committee’s ongoing impeachment investigations to determine whether additional Presidential misconduct warrants further action by the Committee,” he argued.

Democrats are still sending congressional subpoenas to Trump associates as they attempt to collect documents related to the ongoing scandal regarding the president’s phone call with the president of Ukraine.

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  1. Why not a second, third . . . eighth . . . twelfth impeachment. Democrats have demonstrated their contempt for the Constitution, tradition, precedence, the rule of law, decency, and fairness. They are not interested in representing the will of the American people. What they are interested in is acquiring enough power to rule without restraint.

    The word of the day is “UNHINGED.” It’s the word that best describes the mind of the Democrat party leadership today. I used to think they need to be indicted. Now I just think they need to be committed.

  2. Have to admit, they are persistent. Past perseverance, past tenaciousness. They won’t let go. They’ll go after their man until he catches them. And catch them he will. John Durham is on his way to greet them with news of his own and they’re trying hard by whatever means possible to get their victim in chains before that happens. Of course, all of this is only my opinion but I’m hoping the dastardly Dums continue to be stymied.

  3. If Pelosi were not involved, I would suggest an analogy to Rookies inexperience revealed to the world. But, sadly, Pelosi IS involved so that excuse for such foolishness isn’t available. Since impeachment is actually and extra-judicial proceeding and not controlled by the courts, I am guessing that the concept of double jeopardy doesn’t apply…but it should. The existing articles of impeachment should end up being dismissed with prejudice. If the House of Representatives actually had any provable charges, they would have applied to the courts to enforce the subpoenas that were not honored by the recipients; THAT would have been the proper way to proceed. Of course, if they expected THAT well to turn up dry, it would have deep-sixed their impeachment as there would have been PROVEN a LACK of a chargeable case. So that failure is, perhaps, not a failure at all. But in the meantime, it occurs that their actions constitute an abuse of power on THEIR part. Or am I wrong?

  4. Man ‘o man, not quite sure what they’re smoking…,,,must be strange stuff that creates stupid. Not many would wage war against their own party, but that’s exactly what’s happening in the Democratic Party.

    In a panel discussion in October we agreed that even with then knowing the President wouldn’t be impeached now…they wouldn’t stop pushing into his 2nd term and these demands for witnesses were to gather info towards that…There was no stopping them from going into the courts to get them…Now it’s clear why….

    CAUTION: There are 12 GOP SENATE seats open in 2020,,,,now a “slim” margin of 53 vs 45
    HOUSE GOP has 22 seats to ‘defend” and only 10-12 Democratic

    Enjoy the Holiday, eat too much JC Birthday Cake, hug loved ones and be ready to hit the ground running for you candidates January 3rd….

  5. December 26, 2019
    Subj.: Articles of Impeachment Are Illegitimate; Speech and Debate Clause Inapplicable; Perpetrators Subject to Civil and Criminal Prosecution.
    To: POTUS, AG Barr, Select Republicans, News Media, et al.,
    Our Supreme Court held that the Speech and Debate Clause protects a legislator who acts within the “sphere of legitimate legislative activity.” (Tenney v. Brandhove (1951) 341 U.S. 367.)
    There are two Articles of Impeachment: 1) abuse of power and 2) obstruction of Congress. Neither Article springs from a Constitutional enumerated or implied authority for impeaching the President. Therefore, the Articles are not within the “sphere of legitimate legislative activity.” (Tenney, supra.)
    Because the Articles are not the result of “legitimate legislative activity,” legislators responsible for promoting and adopting the Articles have lost the protections of the Speech or Debate Clause. (Tenney, supra.) They are subject to civil and criminal prosecution.
    Moreover, it is false that House members can do or say whatever they like without incurring liability: “In no case has this Court ever treated the [Speech or Debate] Clause as protecting all conduct relating to the legislative process.” (Hutchinson v. Proxmire (1979) 443 US 111, 131.) And: “We are unable to discern any ‘conscious choice’ to grant immunity for defamatory statements scattered far and wide by mail, press, and the electronic media.” (Hutchinson, supra, at 132.)
    There is sufficient evidence of wrongdoing in the House, and otherwise, for individuals/government to initiate criminal and civil proceedings against Speaker Pelosi, Representatives Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Eric Swalwell, et al., for the harm that they have done to America or to individuals.
    Petition the courts to stop this present impeachment sham. (Marbury v. Madison, 5 US 137.) To dissuade such future activity, prosecute to the full extent of the law.

  6. These morons have no idea what they’re headed for. This isn’t a policy disagreement or political argument. Since the attempted lynching of Justice Kavanaugh, the destruction of the lives of Papadopoulos, Page and Flynn as well as the continuous harrassment and railroading of our President, democrats have identified themselves as abject scum to be scorned, debased, humiliated and if need be destroyed. They have no clue as to just how hated they really are!

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