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The Left’s Maximum Attack On America

To begin with, you have to be an informed person, and a person of sufficient intelligence to realize that under the Obama administration the FBI, the FISA court and the Department of Justice all illegally abused candidate Donald Trump’s basic civil rights, along with their abuse of our national tradition of not allowing the sitting president to spy on or otherwise invade opposition candidates using the power that the president has at his fingertips. But Obama did just that.

Even the Hillary Clinton candidacy got a warning from the FBI about possible foreign involvement in her campaign, but Trump got only spies and an official FBI visit, complete with 302 forms and body mics, and no warning at all of foreign involvement, as is required by policy and the law.

Then we have the charges of rape against Brett Kavanaugh that were completely false and unsubstantiated, along with the Carter Page investigation in which the FBI knew to a certainty that Page was working with the CIA to fight foreign threats and was not a threat to American security at all, but was nevertheless investigated and threatened by the FBI. And then there was the Michael Flynn case in which the FBI, while pretending to just be asking him some unofficial questions, charged him with fraud for lying to the FBI and caused him to lose his life’s savings and investments. In all of these cases the subject was not given basic civil treatment and was railroaded in front of the entire nation and assumed to be guilty before the first charge was even leveled against him. But the most interesting thing about all of these cases is that the subjects all worked at one time or another for the Trump campaign, so CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT and the FBI all felt they had free rein to attack and indict.

And, of course, Democrat politicians all jumped on the band wagon and solemnly swore that they had seen the evidence of Trump and Putin colluding against the Clinton campaign, which has been proven to be a total lie with no retraction coming from Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi or any other politician in the Democrat party. And now Democrats are taking this idiocy a step further by impeaching President Trump, even though each and every investigation into his actions have come back proving his innocence.

So a question begins to form, concerning how all of this illegal activity against Trump and his associates has been happening. One wonders what was the goal of all of this anti-Trump collusion, keeping in mind that it’s illegal and people will eventually go to jail for what they‘re doing and for what they’ve already done. Yet all of the Democrat players still insist that their past predicted bombshells are still exploding around President Trump, when actually the alleged bombshells are boomerangs which are directed at themselves.

Some possibilities as to why the Democrats are still pursuing their lying ends is that they are simply in too deep in their attempts to get rid of Trump and don’t have the honesty to admit their false claims, or they’re just too dumb and too committed in their hate of President Trump to know they’re only hurting themselves by keeping this impeachment farce alive. Or there could be something even more nefarious at hand with these scoundrels, and our nation may be facing more peril than any of us knows at this point.

One will reflect on the horrors and killings of World War II and may ask the logical question: Why didn’t someone stop Hitler from his murderous actions. The fearful answer is that Hitler had vast power at his disposal and no one could stop him, just like the American Democrat power to impeach President Trump, albeit a questionable unconstitutional power, and, after weeks of testimony from Republicans opposing impeachment, no argument could halt the radical Democrats on this disastrous march to ridding themselves of the highly successful and accomplished Donald Trump. And one further fears that after successfully impeaching our president, the Democrats will not be impeded from taking their power grab even further with more demonic plans to consolidate a total power push on America. The lesson Democrats provide us is that if you try to halt their march to total power, you will pay a high price. And this attitude bodes ill for the future of America.

These are momentous times we’re living through and the future of our nation rests on how soon justice is meted out to the radical leftists in the Democrat party and the liberal cable channels, and how long it takes for the FBI and the DOJ to again gain the trust of the American people after the horrible injustices they’ve committed these last three years.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. America is at war with itself. The Democrats are as much a threat to the American way of life as any hostile foreign power. The mask of civility has fallen away to reveal a face contorted by insanity and hatred. No wonder the movie “Joker” is so popular. It encapsulates the cultural zeitgeist of the moment. We have been governed by hate-filled lunatics for years, if not decades.

    This war has been on slow boil for a long time. But the surprise election of Trump heated Democrat rage to a roiling boil. Where this ultimately leads is anybody’s guess, but the prospects are not good. Leftists atomize the social order and promote chaos. That’s what they DO. They acquire and consolidate power for its own sake. Nothing else matters.

    The next few months will be very interesting.

  2. This sure sounds like the dictionary definition of Treason. The dictionary of Treason is (violation of allegiance to one’s country, exp. by attempting to overthrow the government) and you can make up your own mind, If this is Treason or not?????

  3. From; the moment of the “Garden Event” (how ever you interpret that) man has envisioned himself to be a god. That was the fruit of the Tree..
    To; the time of the first organized government of man at the tower of Babble when man sought to defeat God thru collectivism…

    Man has struggled to self govern. Now we are here, in a nation, who’s very Constitution was so brilliantly written as to be by God Himself, appears to be crumbling into the same rot as all of the previous government man has established.

    It does not have to be so.

    The first step is for the people to turn from their own selfish pride and adhere once again to the righteous virtues our Society (more fundamental to our nation than any government) was founded upon. We must put an END to the murder of our innocent children. We must stop this!!! The blood in our streets and the lose of our freedom will not STOP until we do this one thing!! And we will not be once again indelible to the world until we put meaning into the slogan on our coin – In God We Trust.

    The chaos we are suffering now will continue to a final effect of either of two results;

    As a Nation we will; go on and seek to provide our own solutions and cling to our own pride – and disappear from the face of the earth, or…

    We will finally recognize that we cannot fix this and turn to the very most simple solution of putting our trust once again in Him. In 1776, 3% of the Americanist population fought a hard war and won against the most powerful army on the face of the earth. That was a miracle! It happened because our society was a Godly society. We like to think we will do the same today but I tell you this – we are not the colonists. We trust in chariots and horses and forget that the Name of the Lord is the Truth.

    But cling to this; the worse it gets the more Glorious His triumph will be when we finally realize He is our only hope!

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