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Will The IG Report Be a Christmas Gift for Justice!

Is anyone else tired of hearing about the IG (Inspector General’s) report on the Russia/Ukraine President Trump hoax and coup? Does anyone really believe a second report will be the antidote for all that is evil in the Washington DC Swamp occult?

If the first IG report failed our justice system but instead protected those guilty of treason, then why should we believe another report will fix a criminal occult system designed to protect the DC Swamp?

Isn’t doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome, the definition of insanity? It’s obvious the Department of Justice became insane in their attempts to remove a duly elected President, right? Are we now assuming bound written pages of information is the cure?

Since there has been no arrests, prosecutions, or sentencing of those guilty of committing crimes within the FBI and DOJ from the first report, why should we expect a different outcome?

Isn’t it great having the wolf manage the hen house? Would anyone lose money betting on the obvious outcome?

Meanwhile, the Republicans are once again happily telling us the IG, Michael Horowitz, is the perfect guy and justice will prevail.

Oops! Does this remind us what Republicans said when Robert Mueller took over the Russia Hoax? Hardly does their confidence radiate to most Americans.

It’s now clear to even a novice monitoring Washington DC politics the Deep State occult is the union between the media, Democrats, Republicans, and Alphabet Agencies. So, they appoint an already proven member of their occult, then attempt to convince us this time he is ‘really’ going to expose corruption! Wow!

Wouldn’t we have much more faith in justice prevailing if we would forego the IG reports and watch Deep State occult members being arrested, handcuffed, and prosecuted? Don’t we already know most of them?

Can’t we send a fleet of paddy wagons into DC and fill our jails? Should we treat these government whores any differently than other houses of ill repute?

Realistically, should anyone doubt the only intention of the second IG report is to finish covering up what they exposed in the first report?

Could the IG’s Report only be designed to ensure justice is delayed or justice is run amuck? Where are the fireworks that should have occurred from the first report? Am I missing something?

Meanwhile, the Justice Department has clearly drawn their line in the sand. It’s the duly elected President and supporters on one side and the Swamp occult on the other. It’s obvious the Swamp occult are the good guys, right?

The occult nonmembers are harassed with mid-night filmed home raids with heavily armed swat teams, public arrests, kangaroo court prosecution based upon falsified documents, denial of exculpatory evidence and Constitutional rights, and death sentences.

The Democrat’s faux hearings provided even more documentation needed to understand the depth of the Deep State occult operatives. Truth and fact were prohibited, while bogus hearsay evidence ruled the day bringing joy to all members of the occult – especially the media.

The hearings exposed the blindfolding and taping the mouths of opposition while faux witnesses proclaimed ever sort of unfounded twisted and distorted testimony imaginable without cross examination.

Then Democrats openly applauded and praised the false testimonies and the destruction of America’s rule of law. It was a total travesty of justice and a world-wide embarrassment for the United States of America.

Now once again, we are told by the Justice Department to be patient because this IG Report is going to resolve all the issues with the Deep State occult.

However, informed betters are not waging money on the IG Report to do anything more than continuing to cover up and protect the Deep State occult members, just as did the first report.

The only way America will ever know if the IG Report is effective will be when we see arrests, prosecutions in real court rooms, and Deep State occult members behind bars.

Please don’t hold your breath waiting on the IG report to be anything like a Christmas gift exonerating the innocent, prosecuting the guilty, and fines for repayment of the taxpayer money spent by Democrats on corruption hoaxes!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. Thank you, Ms. Alvarez, for writing a superb article that explains how things are, not what they should be. The level of corruption is so deep and so pervasive that we are all affected by it. It’s not just the Washington D.C. bureaucracy. And it’s not just the corruption of a select establishment elite protecting their turf and status. A fish rots from the head down, and corruption oozes from the federal bureaucracy to the state, county, and municipal bureaucracies. It is how “things get done.”

    Expecting the Swamp to investigate, indict, prosecute, and punish itself is laughable. But breathlessly reporting on it ad nauseum sell ad space. Hey, it moved me to read your fine essay, right?

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s important for all Americans to get involved and stop buying the lies being thrown at us by our own government.

    That’s why President Trump was elected, right?

    Have a great Holiday Season,

  3. So, now that the clock is running down on the empty hopes that unfounded cries of Deep State and malfeasance abusers of the FISA warrants has come, a new cry that the Barr’s IG must well be part of the conspiracy.

    Cry me a river.

  4. I think most of us have only seen the tip of the iceberg. What may shock us is when they get to investigate the Republicans.


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