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Why should you choose market tables for your departmental store?

Are you planning to open a small departmental store in your locality? If yes, then you need to prepare for it carefully. The challenge for giving shape to your departmental store business is to decide on the essential shop racks, shelves, and other allied accessories. You also need to choose the best table to showcase some of the products. One of the popular options to count on is the market tables.

As the name suggests, it is essential to create proper departments in your store, selling different products. For instance, the grocery department should be separate from the personal care section. Market tables are perfect for displaying various merchandise products in these departments. To know more about this, you can get in touch with

Useful features of market tables

Today, you can choose from multiple designs in market tables. The tables primarily come in two types, namely the classic and the contemporary market table. As the name suggests, the modern market table is more compact and takes up less physical space. It looks sleeker and is also easy to use.

However, some of the standard features of both the classic and contemporary market tables are:

  • The tables have a modular design. It means you can use the tables on a standalone basis or even group it with other departmental store table and accessories. However, you need to align the table size, so that it is easy to showcase the products in the store.
  • You can use it as sales tables as it is easy to shift anywhere, reconfigure, and are also lightweight.
  • The tables come with a durable finish and are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • You can select from multiple sizes and colors. It helps you to cater to your departmental store requirements and your color preferences, as well.
  • The tables get designed in a way that can accommodate the steel bag holders as well.
  • The new-age market tables come with a rubber edge bumper that keeps it secure from any scratch and other damages that might happen with continued use.
  • The table provides label holders, clear plastic dividers as well as the classic bag holders as well
  • The surface has a sheen, which adds to its overall aesthetic value.
  • Some of the tables come with caster wheels, that adds to its mobility in a huge way

Various ways to use market tables

One of the best uses of market tables is in the food department. You can use it to showcase the following:

  • You can showcase a new cheese brand that your departmental store is promoting. You can keep it separately in the bread and cheese spread section as well as near to the wine section as well.
  • Use the market tables to showcase chocolates and cookies combo packs. Alternatively, if you are promoting a dark chocolate brand, the table proves handy.
  • Market tables are perfect for displaying different coffee and tea samples for people to browse and place their orders.

These are some of the best features and uses of the modern market tables. You can choose the ones you find best for your store. The tables get priced differently, and there’s something for everyone to opt-in for.

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