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Weak-Kneed, Socialist, Narcissistic Politicians

God’s word teaches us about all sorts of people. He tells us some are good… some bad, but all are children of God, right? Being a member of the Royal Family of God is the reason we are mandated to ‘love one another.’

No, it doesn’t mean we love everyone with ‘personal love’ because personal love is limited to only a handful of people like spouses, parents, siblings, and guardians. Instead, the mandate is for us to love one another with ‘impersonal love.’

Impersonal love is a mental attitude – never emotion, about caring about others and wanting the best for all – not just a few.

As an example, we know anyone that doesn’t accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will not experience eternal life and blessings from God. Consequently, impersonal love mandates we reach out to them and explain they can have eternal life and blessings by believing.

On the other hand, Socialism is a perfect example of what God warns against. Socialism is all about a few evil people of similar sinister ideologies achieving greatness by using might, threats, torture, murder, prisons, and any means necessary to enforce their pro-longed rulership and lavish lifestyles.

That’s why Socialism and Godliness are not compatible. Godliness means allowing everyone to be their best and living freely to worship God and take control of their lives to receive maximum blessings.

In contrast Socialism mandates total devotion to those in leadership and their edicts. In Socialism, rulers dictate how much happiness and freedom people have, and it’s measured according to their leader’s approval.

Socialism also comes with restrictions on where people may travel, who they associate with, what they will eat, available transportation, available housing, job assignments, health care, legal rights, no means of correcting injustice, no private ownership, earnings, etc.

Our American forefathers were brave people willing to fight and die for their belief of Christianity, democracy, self-rule, personal freedom, justice, and happiness. Impersonal love is the foundation of a Republic and reigns supreme meaning the rising tide floats all boats!

Socialists are groups of spineless weak-kneed cowards given strength by joining others to form a drunken mobocracy mentality. Socialism forbids impersonal or personal love. People become inhumane ‘objects’ for the elites to use as it pleases them.

Socialist Democrats now proudly proclaim if we will only vote for them, everything will be free. Yes, education, health care, childcare, transportation, housing, food, theme parks, condoms, and the like will all be free – but only if available.

Socialism appropriates all businesses and industries to be used for the ‘greater good’ – which means for their leadership’s pleasure and never the pleasure of the masses.

When the motive of profit is removed from business, what always happens? Incentives to produce are removed and production stops.

If a neighbor stays home and watches TV all day but makes as much money as the Baker working 20 hours a day producing bread, why would one want to be a baker?

Socialism is all about enforcing the elite mobocracy’s standards and wishes upon the rest. It’s the proverbial cliché, Mind over Matter! Socialist leaders don’t mind, and you don’t matter.

The problem with Socialist mobocracies is they have no limits to what their demented mind can imagine. The have circle meetings, get high on their drug cocktails, and their minds explode with newfangled ideas that must become the law of the land.

Some of the more radical ideas are already being espoused such as gun free zones, no 1st or 2nd Amendment rights, no borders, free education for illegal aliens, free medical care for illegal aliens, sex slavery, illegal drugs, and child sex trafficking.

Now, please don’t falsely believe their ideas will ever be good, because they never are. Just look at what is happening in all the Socialist Democrat controlled sectors of America. It’s decadence and depravity on steroids!

Once a bastion of success and beauty, Socialist Democrats turned California into a hell-hole of violence, fires, homelessness, education failures, defecating in public, diseases spreading, drug trafficking, child sex trafficking, no utility services, highest priced gasoline in the USA, sexual depravity, closing businesses, forcing people to move, and the list goes on.

Does anyone believe this is a display of what God mandates for us as members of His Royal Family? If Socialist Democrats were obedient to God wouldn’t they want to stop what they are doing in California and correct the current madness?

The answer is, “No,” they won’t because their ways are always best, but they never consider the outcomes. Instead they have even greater plans to make it worse. You see, those at the top of any mobocracy are despots wanting more and more power and money.

Mobocracies have no shame and can’t admit flaws because they will be exposed to who and what they are. Their plans and words are always final and perfect, so don’t complain or object.

Socialism means removal of human rights. It means establishing new laws to enforce incarceration for anyone disobedient to their rules. It means people must shut up or else!

The final stage of mobocracy rule turns into violence, intimidation, and making people fear their power. Does this resemble anything Godly – especially loving one another?

Wake up America! Doesn’t this sound like what is happening within the Democrat Party, today? Shouldn’t we also include what Democrats have done to all government agencies?

Isn’t it time to terminate leadership within all the government agencies? Why isn’t Congress doing something about it? What’s happening today is un-American!

Americans deserve to see justice for all! President Trump won’t you please have an open meeting with the DOJ and tell them publicly we have all had it with justice for some but not for all.

We are mere moments away from losing this great nation to a group of arrogant narcissists from out of the depths of Hell. Wake up America!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. I think the Bible makes it clear that God is the Father of those who believe, rely on and obey Him. Satan is the father of those who disbelieve. Otherwise, good article.

  2. Hi Ann and thanks for your comments.

    Question: Who breathes the breath of life into all humans?

    Next, we would agree some people worship God and some Satan. But don’t we start life as a human then move toward our spiritual choices?

    Doesn’t God tell us we are all created equal and in His image?

    Please don’t falsely believe I am resenting what you have posted. I love all comments and debate helps us all to grow and mature in our faith, right?

    God bless you and stay strong.


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