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Trump’s Election Began The Democrat Demise,Then Democrats’ Own Actions Assured Their Collapse

Democrats are too self-centered to be able to admit a bad action or position, and they’re too self-absorbed to change their misguided policies. Instead of recognizing the sea-change that occurred at Trump’s 2016 election, and instead of trying to learn why Hillary lost that election and perhaps making some changes to their far-left policies, they doubled down on their destructive policy proposals while at the same time trying to frame and remove President Trump in order to get rid of his ideas and his successes. And now they are staring at political doom for their impeachment schemes, such as the Mueller investigation, the Russian collaboration and the Ukraine phone call, which have all backfired on Democrats and their Soviet-style plans for the domination of America.

Unfortunately a large part of our government is crumbling as a result of the long-term corrupt actions of radical Democrats, grasping to hold on to power in the era of Trump.
Yet, in spite of all of the roadblocks Democrats place in his path, President Trump presses on through the fog and continues to make his reforms and necessary changes while the Democrats scheme and lie to Americans about everything. And on top of their attempted framing of the president, people like Adam Schiff repeatedly lie and present even more false evidence against Trump related to, of all places, Ukraine.

The American public realizes the depth of the Democrat plague being visited on us and they are rejecting the anti-capitalist, unconstitutional proposals coming from the party of the left, as one Trump rally after another demonstrates.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Dave, Your title alone certainly reflects my thinking (hope) The very logic of it should make us cautious, after all, we’re short on Democrats with logical thinking….

    There is no doubt that the Obama era liberal demolition gang did a great deal of damage…was it because bthey are ‘so good’ at destroying OR is it that Republican Defense was lacking??? I doubt that all of it could have been prevented, still, I wonder if a full court press might have been an effective weapon. ???

    Apathy on the part of elected legislators is just as dangerous as it is from those they represent. We have a number of Republican “lifers” that are still sitting on their hands, mouths shut as our President is being subjected to this kangaroo court…Just because they aren’t on “The Committee” doesn’t mean their mouths have to be muted.

    If, if enough will choose and research their candidate, promote them online, letters to editors etc, just maybe we can send these demi-gods back to whence they came. Most of us have contact lists with out of state ‘friends’ making our ‘assist’ possible…found out in 2015 many newspapers will take out of area letters to editor…

    In the meantime, let’s keep supporting the ‘good guys in white hats”

    Thanks, Dave, you called it!

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