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Top 5 Free and Paid G Suite Backup Tools That Keep Your Data Safe and Sound

Data loss can happen to your users whose data is stored in the G Suite cloud on Google Drive. Backing up your Google Drive data is extremely important and allows recovering data in the event of accidental or intentional data loss due to human error or due to security threats like ransomware. Let’s take a look at the best backup tools for Google drive available with both third-party tools and native tools provided by Google.

1. SpinOne: Data backup and cybersecurity in one place

The G Suite backup functionality provided by SpinOne (previously Spinbackup) allows you to protect your critical business data living in the G Suite cloud, including Google Drive. It also provides a simple restore process that only takes a few clicks. SpinOne’s solution is unique in that it provides not only backups but also cybersecurity features as part of the solution. This helps to protect against many of the threats that lead to data needing restored, such as ransomware. Also, they allow you to store your backup data in different public cloud storage including Google’s GCP cloud storage, Amazon AWS S3, and Microsoft Azure blob storage. With SpinOne, you can migrate G Suite data in a couple of clicks. Visit our site for more information.

Backup Google Drive with SpinOne

SpinOne G Suite data protection with Google Drive backup and security features


  • Automated backups – configurable 1-3X daily
  • Choose which specific data you want to protect
  • Granular data restores and Google photos recovery
  • Configurable retention
  • Ability to choose the specific cloud you want to store your backups in
  • Migrate data between Google G Suite users
  • Backups are secure – stored in AES 256-bit encryption in-flight and at-rest


  • Ransomware protection
  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Risky Third-party Apps protection
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Failed login detection
  • Dashboards to monitor security events

Price: Paid
Available As:
Google Third-party App, Browser-based

2. Backupify: SaaS backup to reduce risks and avoid IT crisis

Backupify is another G Suite backup solution that provides the ability to backup your Google Drive and protecting your data. Backupify provides automated backups and allows you to recover your data easily.

Google Drive Backup with Backupify

Backupify Google Drive backups provide easy backups and restore


  • Create automatic or ad-hoc backups of your Google Drive
  • Detect users automatically and export departing user’s data
  • Cloud-managed interface
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Granular recovery of Google Drive items
  • Search for backup items
  • No cybersecurity features
  • No storing of backups outside the G Suite cloud

Price: Paid
Available As: Google Third-party App, Browser-based

3. Spanning Backup: Don’t fear data loss

Spanning’s Backup solution allows you to backup your Google Drive data and other G Suite apps including Team Drives, Calendars, Contacts, and Sites.

Spanning Backup Features

Spanning Backup provides backups of G Suite apps which also includes Google Drive


  • Backups are automated
  • You can take ad-hoc backups
  • Status Monitoring of backups
  • Transparent reporting of backups
  • No cybersecurity features
  • Cannot store backups outside of the Google cloud

Price: Paid
Available As: G Suite app, Browser-based

4. Google Takeout: Move your stuff from Google’s digital domain into your own

Google Takeout is a built-in solution with your Google account that allows you to export your Google data, including Google Drive. This is a free tool that is included without cost by Google. There are downsides to the tool including the fact that you can really only export your data. There is no built-in restore mechanism for your data.

Google Takeout Google Drive Backup Features

With Google Takeout you can export your data including Google Drive

Backup features:

  • Part of your Google Account
  • Free
  • Pick and choose which data to export
  • No restore built into the solution
  • Not an enterprise backup solution

Price: Free
Available As: Browser-based tool in Google account

5. Google “Un-delete” and Manage Versions: Restore the “trash bin” files to Google Drive

There are a couple of other native “light” backup tools that are part of the Google-provided features in Google Drive. These include the “un-delete” functionality which allows a “trash bin” feature to restore the files to Google Drive. The “Manage Versions” functionality allows restoring a specific version of a file in Google drive for a period of up to 30-days.

Google “Un-delete” and Manage Versions Backup & Restore

You can Un-delete and Manage Versions for files in Google Drive

  • Un-delete files that are accidentally deleted
  • If users accidentally overwrite files, a different version of the file can be downloaded
  • File versions have to be downloaded
  • No native “restore” mechanism
  • Using this process, restores are possible up to 30-days for data that has been overwritten
  • Restores are not easy
  • Should not be viewed as a true backup solution

Price: Free
Available As: Browser-based tool part of Google Drive functionality

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