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Schiff Shifts Toward Witness Intimidation Charge Against Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff accused President Donald Trump of witness intimidation over a tweet he published during the testimony of former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch during her congressional testimony on Friday, signaling that Democrats could use the charge in their push to impeach the president.

In a dramatic moment during Yovanovitch’s testimony, Schiff read aloud a tweet that Trump published while the career diplomat was testifying.

Schiff asserted that the tweet rose to the level of possible witness intimidation, even though Yovanovitch was not aware of the remarks until notified by Schiff.

“As we sit here testifying the president is attacking you on Twitter,” Schiff said.

“It’s designed to intimidate, is it not?” he asked after reading the tweet.

Schiff then previewed one direction he might take in the impeachment proceedings against Trump.

“I want to let you know, ambassador, that some of us here take witness intimidation very, very seriously,” he said.

Democrats have suggested so far during the impeachment inquiry that Trump abused his office in his dealings towards Ukraine. The investigation centers on whether Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to open investigations into a company linked to Hunter Biden, as well as into whether Ukrainians meddled in the 2016 presidential election to help Hillary Clinton.

Democrats have not said exactly what high crimes and misdemeanors they believe Trump committed, though some have hinted at the crimes of bribery or extortion.

Schiff reiterated the witness intimidation allegation during an intermission in Yovanovitch’s testimony.

“We saw today witness intimidation in real time by the President of the United States, once again going after this dedicated, respected, career public servant in an effort not only to chill her, but to chill others who might come forward,” he told CNN’s Manu Raju.

“We take this kind of witness intimidation…very seriously.”

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  1. “Perfect’ ….Richard, can’t beat it….did you ever notice how much this pencil sounds, acts Jas. Comey?

  2. The mainstream media is, of course, only printing comments favorable to impeachment and they’re having to work hard to construct them for that purpose. Interesting that when Texas Rep John Ratliffe finished intereviewing Ambassador Taylor and Mr. Kent, he asked them both “can you identify any portion of the phone call that was impeachable?”. Neither spoke up. Then Ratliffe said “anyone?”. Offering any democrat an opportunity to speak up and name one incident they thought was impeachable. The reaction? DEAD SILENCE. Not one, not one single democrat, could name a single incident in the phone call that indicated it was an impeachable offense. Pathetic.

  3. It’s all so confusing. Yovanovich had nothing to do with the phone call that was so bad that Trump now has to be impeached. Trump fired her because she wasn’t hot. Or whatever. But she wasn’t in on the call, was nowhere near anyone who was in on the call, had nothing zip zero nada to do with the bad bad bad phone call. So why did bug-eyed pencil neck call her to testify?

    Because she might cry on national TV.

    But I thought there was no difference between men and women, that whatever differences there are are merely “social constructs,” and men become women and vice versa with a simple declaration. So isn’t is sexist to assume that Yovanovich could get all emotional when cross-examined simply because she’s a woman? Or is sexism even a thing anymore? I can’t keep up.

    Big fail all around, pencil neck. She didn’t cry. Trump fired her because he didn’t like her hair color. He can do that, you know. He’s the president. No collusion. No obstruction. No quid. No quo. No bribery. No extortion. No high crimes. No misdemeanors. Zip. Zero. Nada. Wrap it up, bug-eye pencil neck.

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