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Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Trump’s Health Care Rule For Immigrants


  • Michale Simon, an Oregon federal judge, issued a temporary restraining order against the Trump administration’s health care requirement for immigrant applicants. 
  • Trump in October issued a presidential proclamation, calling on green card applicants to prove that they can obtain health insurance or prove that can pay for their own health care in order to be approved. 
  • Simon’s decision marks the latest ruling against the Trump administration’s immigration agenda at the hands of Obama-appointed judges. 

A federal juge has, at least temporarily, blocked the Trump administration from implementing a rule that would require immigrants to prove that they have health insurance or can afford to pay for it.

Judge Michael Simon of the Federal District Court in Portland, Oregon issued a nationwide temporary restraining order on Saturday, barring President Donald Trump from implementing his health care requirement for foreign nationals applying for legal permanent status.

In early October, Trump issued a presidential proclamation that called on immigrants applying for green cards to be able to prove that they can obtain health insurance within 30 days of entering the U.S. or otherwise demonstrate that they can afford their own medical care. The order was intended to be the administration’s latest effort to bar migration from low-income aliens, and further transition the government to a more merit-based immigration system.

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“Immigrants who enter this country should not further saddle our healthcare system, and subsequently American taxpayers, with higher costs,” the presidential proclamation read. “Continuing to allow entry into the United States of certain immigrants who lack health insurance or the demonstrated ability to pay for their healthcare would be detrimental to these interests.”

The proclamation, which was supposed to go into effect on Sunday, would have applied to visa applicants living abroad — not immigrants already living stateside. It also would not have affected refugees, asylum-seekers, or children. Health care obtained under Obamacare does not reach the threshold of the order.

If implemented, the new policy is expected to dramatically cut the number of green card applications seen every year. A Migration Policy Institute study found that  57% of U.S. immigrants had private health insurance in 2017, according to the Associated Press, and 30% were covered under public health insurance.

In his ruling on Saturday, Judge Simon blocked the new policy from being implemented for 28 days. The court is expected to hold its next hearing on Nov. 22.

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Pro-migration groups celebrated the judge’s restraining order.

“Countless thousands across the country can breathe a sigh of relief today because the court recognized the urgent and irreparable harm that would have been inflicted” without the hold, Jesse Bless, director of federal litigation at the American Immigration Lawyers Association,” said in a statement on Saturday.

The ruling marked the latest courtroom setback for Trump’s immigration policy. The administration has been slapped with a number of losses at the hands of federal judges in recent time.

Three different judges, for example, issued separate rulings against the White House’s immigration agenda — all in a single day. The judges, all of them appointed by former President Barack Obama, ruled against the administration’s expedited removal of illegal aliens, the reliance of certain databases for ICE detainer requests, and indefinite family detainment. Such rulings demonstrate the influence the U.S. court system has on presidential policymaking.

Judge Simon was also appointed by Obama, and began serving in his position in 2011. During his confirmation vote, Republican senators questioned his previous work as a volunteer for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Simon is also married to Suzanne Bonamici, a Democratic member of Oregon’s House of Representatives.


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  1. Trump may have made this “Declaration”, however those that wrote our Immigration Laws (Congress approved) were ahead of him. It clearly states in English what is required to have entry into this Country.

    Tom talks about a 100 years ago, he’s right! In the early 60’s we lived in Germany and had a Danish girl working for us and she wanted to come to the States to study. We looked into what we’d have to do andd it was the same. The addition would be that the sponsor was 100% responsible for anything/everything that the person did…

    Voters should pay real close attention before all of our laws and Constitution are totally shredded

  2. Filling the positions of Judges obama failed to do will be Trump’s TRUE legacy!

  3. Are our Courts turning on us? Are our Judges in favor of destroying our Republic? I ask these questions because my father came to this country a century ago having to show that he 1. had a job waiting for him, 2. that he had a citizen sponsor that would provide housing and guarantee that my father would not become a burdon on the state (apply for welfare or unemployment in any form from any organization, governmental or private), and was of good character and had no criminal record. That was the NORM. That a Judge would rule against even a portion of those requirements is astounding…until I note that it happened in Oregon…with an Obama-approved Judge…and involved President Trump. For those on the Left, Trump is always wrong even when he is right. But…I used to think the Courts and the Judges were above political ideology when performing their jobs. Clearly that concept has been abandoned…and THAT should be grounds for removal from the bench.

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