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New York Times Reporter Calls Out Biden’s Campaign For Sending Out ‘Inaccurate’ NYT Polling Graphic


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign altered a polling graphic from The New York Times to tout how the Democrat is fairing against President Donald Trump ahead of the election.

The graphic appears to downplay Sen. Bernie Sanders’s polling relative to Trump in key battleground states, NYT political reporter Shane Goldmacher wrote in a tweet Tuesday. “In an email to supporters, the Biden campaign said ‘other candidates can’t’ beat Trump,” Goldmacher noted.

“The Biden campaign acknowledged that they got it wrong, and will correct future versions and re-upload graphic ‘so people who haven’t opened the email will see the correct one,’” Goldmacher added.

The NYT poll, published Monday, shows Biden with a five-point lead on the president in Arizona, three points in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and two points in Florida. They are running neck-and-neck in Michigan, while Trump carries a two-point advantage in North Carolina.

But Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are also performing well in those areas. Trump and Warren, for instance, are even in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, while he holds a lead of six, four and three points in Michigan, Florida and North Carolina, respectively. Warren has a two-point advantage in Arizona, according to the poll.

Biden’s campaign has not responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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