Is It Necessary to Offer Group Benefits to Employees?

Are you a small to medium-sized business owner? If so have you been toying with the idea of introducing a group benefits plan to your employees? Maybe you’ve offered one in the past only to cancel it, or maybe you’ve never really thought of it as necessary or important. Perhaps you’re of the mindset that paying a fair salary is fair compensation enough. Well before you make any kind of decision on whether or not to introduce a group benefits plan, you may want to look at these top reasons employees like them. Some of these reasons may even come as a surprise to you.

It Shows That You Value Your Employees

One of the most obvious pros in offering group benefits is the fact it shows that you value your employees. You are essentially putting their health and well-being first, which will go far in the mind of your staff. It makes them feel important rather than just another number that helps the company reach its goals.

And let’s not forget, when an employee feels valued they will feel more satisfied in the workplace, which will, in turn, increase their productivity level. It’s a win-win for employees and employers.

It Can be a Huge Incentive to Employees

If you’re having a hard time attracting talent to your company, a robust group benefits plan can certainly help to turn the tides in your favour. In fact, a great plan can be more of an incentive than a high salary. Some employees are willing to take a job that pays a little less but has an incredible group benefits plan that will offer all the coverage they could possibly need.

You Are Protecting Their Well-Being

Then there is the simple angle of keeping your employees healthy and well. When employees are constantly out for sick days, productivity is going to suffer. It’s impossible for things to run smoothly when you have chunks of your permanent staff out for days at a time because they are sick.

Providing a group benefits plan will allow them to take control of their health, get assistance when needed, and hopefully before issues become too big. With a group benefits plan, they are less likely to let things slide.

It Helps Your Company to Remain Competitive

You will also want to take a look at what your competitors are doing to attract and retain their employees; are they offering a group benefits package? If so then there is absolutely no question you need to at least keep up, but ideally, you want to be ahead of the curve offering a little something more.

They Are Tax-Free

Then there is the fact that health and dental benefits are tax-free to all companies in Canada, except those in the province of Quebec.

Plenty of Great Reasons

At the end of the day, offering your employees group benefits is not only a wise decision but in today’s competitive marketplace it’s becoming a necessity.

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