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Is Calling Donald Trump a Republican, Defamation of Character?

I don’t know about you, but for me, placing President Trump in the same basket as the weak-kneed spineless Republicans is totally thoughtless!

Yes, we understand he must be a member of one of the two major political parties to win election, but isn’t it a shame he has no other choice? How does any Patriot like Donald Trump, align with either of the two major parties we have, today?

Democrats have gone totally anti-American insane and make no bones about their plans and intentions to destroy America. Socialism is now their only mantra!

On one side, we have the Democrats that obviously despise America. On the other, we have Republicans that won’t fight or defend Her!

There are many more Democrats than Republicans in America. Republicans appear ignorant about how close we are to losing our country. If something doesn’t change and change quickly, why shouldn’t we anticipate another civil war?

When was the last time the Republican party acted to protect America? What are they doing now to publicly support President Trump?

Oh yes, Republicans routinely strut like a Peacock in heat before news cameras and media shows, but is that what is needed? They are full of cute clichés, but does America need clichés or actions to preserve and protect America, today?

Granted, there are a handful of Patriotic Republicans that make all of us proud, but doesn’t the political party, as a whole, stink? Republicans walk around Capitol Hill like a bunch of impotent Monks with oaths of silence, right?

No, there are no Republican Senate hearings addressing any of the critical issues before America. Instead, they are helping pass legislation that undermines citizens. This is an effort normally reserved for Democrats, right?

Instead of undermining citizens, shouldn’t Republicans be holding public hearings to make criminal referrals for those involved in all of the Presidential coups, Judge Kavanaugh hearings, Ukraine-Biden hearings, illegal alien corruption, law enforcement abuses, American terrorist groups, citizen disasters in Democrat ran States and cities, Democrat corruption and criminal activities, Antifa crimes, Soros anti-American activities, Clinton crimes, FISA abuses, FBI and DOJ criminal activities, removing criminals and anti-Americans from government positions, impeaching judges that write legislation, those failing to cooperate with ICE and other law enforcement agencies, and the list goes on.

Instead, all we see happening with Republicans as a whole, is playing fiddles and parading in front of news cameras making empty promises. That’s far from success.

In contrast, we see President Trump out and about each day working almost 24 hours each day to Make America Great Again. All the while, he takes incoming shots from Democrats and Republicans.

Republicans are almost as giddy as Democrats when Donald Trump gets pounded. Please imagine what President Trump could accomplish if Republicans would only fight half as hard to join President Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again, too!

Instead, we always see anti-American Democrats loudly barking and Republicans messing their pants and hiding under their desks, right? Someone has got to tell Republicans this is not the pathway to victory for them or America!

With this next Presidential coup underway by Democrats, Republicans must get out in front of the media and expose this as nothing short of more government corruption like the Judge Kavanaugh hearing and Russia/Trump collusion coup, but will they?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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