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What’s With Arresting Classified Leakers?

   It just doesn’t make sense for most Americans to understand why the sudden arrest of a classified data leaker. When the leakers were high profile FBI leadership, like James Comey, it was a routine they approved, right?

Shouldn’t we also be reminded of the fact the FBI investigated and exonerated the largest ever classified leaker, Hillary Clinton?

Didn’t she also have an unprotected server full of classified data open to any person with nefarious agendas – especially foreign countries? Hmm…

Didn’t the Democrat National Convention/Party say it was okay for their computers to be hacked and denied the need for any FBI investigation? Didn’t they also hire a foreign computer expert to spy on Americans – especially those in Congress?

Didn’t we also learn the FBI, DOJ, and State Department went so far as to aid and abed nefarious activities on President Trump and his campaign members?

Now, we are suddenly being told we must arrest and prosecute ‘low level government’ leakers? What happened?

Why the sudden change of mindset or is it nothing more than understanding one’s position in Government determines who is prosecuted?

It’s easy to agree that searching the darkest corners of the Deep State to ‘find’ classified leakers would be a good thing for America – if one is a Patriot that supports America.

However, shouldn’t we question the silliness of failing to arrest leakers already exposed in broad day light and on TV every day? Hmm…

If we didn’t learn anything at all from Hillary Clinton it was that she believed classified information should not be kept secret. She believed classified data should be used to make her very wealthy and it did.

She was never concerned about nefarious organizations having access to classified data – even sharing the data with convicted sexual perverts.

Of course, Democrats profess this is exactly what Hillary meant during her Presidential campaign promising to be open and transparent! Yuck…

What’s behind this sudden change of direction within the US law enforcement agencies? Shouldn’t we ask why it was good to leak classified information on America during the Clinton/Obama/Biden reign, but not now?

Isn’t this a bit confusing for the average Joe? Since President Trump was elected, we haven’t had leaks of classified data… we’ve had ‘floods,’ right? What’s happening to all the other leakers? Apparently, nothing!

To grasp the facts about classified leakers; during the Clinton/Obama/Biden reign, US enemies were permitted to easily access servers to obtain as much classified information as they desired.

Then President Trump is elected, orders all data to be placed on secure servers, it’s leaked, and now it’s a problem? Well, maybe it’s all about prosecuting whether classified information is obtained from secure or non-secure servers, right?

Maybe not that complicated. Can we stop our heads from exploding by simply understanding that if Democrats do it, everything is just fine? No problem just shut up and accept it.

However, if Republicans do it, it’s BAD! It’s then criminal and people must be prosecuted. When Obama, Biden, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennen, Democrat Congressmen, Media, and other ilk leaked classified data they were never arrested, were they?

Didn’t Nancy Pelosi tell us, “No one is above the law!” Perhaps if one calls her office, her staff will explain she meant no Republican is above the law. Now we understand the plan.

As a precaution, it seemed appropriate to ask a young Democrat in our neighborhood to explain the obvious two-tier system of justice. She explained it would be okay for Hillary Clinton to provide our enemies with classified data because she does not support the US Constitution. Say what???

Well, that sure cleared things up, right? It seems that treason trumps leaking crimes. Of course, it is easily arguable that all the Democrats during the Clinton and Obama years were treasonous by weaponizing government agencies and leaking in order to attack citizens and attempt to destroy the US Constitution.

So, it appears America is yet at another crossroads of deciding whether treason is much better than leaks of classified information. Then it could also be argued that if both treason and leaking is involved the crimes are not prosecutable.

To be sure, the DOJ has just arrested a low-level leaker, right? Don’t such actions prove they believe leaking is the greater crime?

Then again, could the DOJ be offering America a consolation gift to many of us who have been waiting for years to see the already exposed leakers and treasonous people arrested? Will that satisfy the masses?

Of course, for Democrats, losing only one low-ranking government employee instead of many high-ranking Democrat leaders is a great deal, isn’t it? The sacrifice is well worth it, and it shows Democrats want to enforce our laws, right?

Imagine what would really happen if the DOJ arrested all the proven Democrats, DOJ, FBI, heads of weaponized Government agencies, and the like were arrested and tossed into jail! Who would be left to run the Dark State ship?

On the other hand, if this doesn’t happen, how fair is it to the rest of America? Where is the blind lady justice? Isn’t that a ‘standalone’ scandal or am I missing something?

How is it possible to make an immediate arrest while taking years to act on Democrats committing identical crimes? Does this scenario stink or what?

Can there be any clearer message than to understand if a “D” does it, then it’s not a crime. If one doubts this, just consider how they get away with supporting illegal aliens, drug smugglers, child sex traffickers, and sex slavery! Where are those arrests?

For Democrats, law-breaking elevates and makes their actions good and decent. We must just shut up and take it.

However, if President Trump wants to pursue ways to make America greater, then it must be an impeachable offense, right? Just give Democrats another few years and they’ll find a reason for impeachment.

It’s no wonder why our youth are so confused and uninterested in how a Republic should operate. Democrats are always two-faced and proudly leave a path of destruction, decay, and decadence wherever they go!

Arresting low-level leakers is but a tip of the iceberg that should be impounded. Democrats exposed of creating criminal acts must still be arrested and prosecuted if we can only find Congressional members or law enforcement personnel with balls!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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