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What is Video Compression: How Can You Compress These Files

Compression is a word which means to shrink, squeeze or to reduce the band width. But if we discuss the word compression in technology, apps or computing field it is a tailoring in the number of bits which are required for data representation.

It can increase the storage capacity, but it also increases the speed of file transfer while decreasing cost for storage hardware and network bandwidth . Video compressors can be very tricky sometimes but here I have explained a general method for compressing a very length video. you can look for some best video compressors in order to ease your way i have found a few and among them uniconvertor wasa reliable one.

As there are many ways or methods for compressing video. But let us discuss some of the very common ways to compressed video .

1 : Be Smart Read Instructions and Chose a File

First, we have to choose our video which we wants to compress. Then you will see an area named as “Convert my video “. After selecting your video you have to drag your video into that area .
All the information about your video will be visible underneath it. The information of your video includes current resolution, duration, format and size there can be some extra ignore it if you do not get them.

2 : Choose your output settings

In the second step, we have to do the most important step. We will have to choose our output settings. It's your choice that you can leave the preselected default option and your video will be converted to an mp4 file with standard web compression.

you can alternatively choose your conversion and video compression settings. There are two options that you can compress and convert your video by optimizing by customize option.

If you want to optimize there is an option of “I want to optimize for “, choose what you intend to use video for for example uploading to web or adding to Windows programs like Powerpoint, creating a GiF animation.

When you select the optimize option the resolution, quality and output settings atomically set to the settings suits to your purpose.

In order to use customize option, there is a customize settings option and you have to open it to see quality, resolution and output settings.

If you want to compress a file, adjust the quality and resolution settings. The lower the quality size and lower the resolution, the smaller the resulting size.

3 : Setting your video according to your need
You can also make edits but it depends upon your choice. Many times you do this process for a whole new product which can only be obtained through precise and calculated edits.

Editing can include various settings such as brightness, cropping, cutting or management of bit rate or frame per seconds. These features will affect the video quality.

4 : Start the process

before you decide to start the process you must make sure that you have set everything according to your need. There can be certain options about which you will not be well aware. Thus, try to get some knowledge about them before getting the final step. The last step is to start the compression by clicking on start button . Once you have finished your output settings and making edits  just click on the Start button which is just underneath the video .
As we know that conversion and compression of a video takes some times. It's will take some time and the period will be dependent upon two things. First the device in which this process would be happening secondly the length of the video. So you have to be a bit patient.

5 :Get your video

In order to save the compressed video just click on the save button to save your video in your computer. Some browsers have the default setting that they save your video automatically .
There is an another option to share or upload video By clicking on share or upload option you can share or upload your compressed video.
So, these are the steps by using which you can easily compress your video .

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