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The Danger To A Wealthy, Prosperous Nation

When a nation is poor its citizens work hard in order to simply stay alive and raise their families. As the nation grows and prospers, and most don’t by the way, citizens take pride in their accomplishments and their improved circumstances, and their children share in this success and pride because they see their parents working hard to earn that success.

But after a generation or two, and after the living standards of the entire nation improve, the hard work and the personal sacrifice and hardship that was needed to achieve it are easily forgotten. Add to this the tax-payer provided welfare that assures even poor citizens eat well, live comfortably and wear expensive sneakers, and you have a situation where reality is forgotten.

Then when the politics of the nation inevitably swings to the left and its founding documents are disregarded as being passe, and when politicians promise a variety of government-provided goodies that will be paid for by taxing the middle class, you have a society that has forgotten where their comfortable lives came from.

Anyone who has paid attention to the current round-up of Democrat candidates for president, and anyone who has heard their anti-American rants and their unconstitutional promises made to their radical audience, is aware of just how fragile our nation is with candidates who promise free stuff just to get elected. For example, the campaign verbiage of Beto, Warren and Sanders makes America sound like a nation whose black citizens are still in chains, its women are kept barefoot and pregnant and its Hispanic citizens are assigned only to picking tomatoes in the dusty and hot fields of California.

When the most influential and wealthy citizens of a nation think their nation is immoral, and that its success and wealth are unjustified, that nation is doomed, and that’s exactly where America is with the current Democrat party and our ultra-left press.

Also, when the highest ranking government officials generate and plant false documents and information in order to frame their political opponents in order to keep them from winning in the next election, you know that corruption is a direct threat to every honest citizen and that our rulers have no respect at all for votes cast by the nation‘s citizens.

And finally, when the nation’s press spikes news reports that are contrary to their political sentiments and fawns over information favorable to their political persuasion, that nation is in danger. The Obama administration and its allies were responsible for each of the above crimes against America prior to and during the 2016 election, and Democrats must be voted out of office at each and every opportunity if we are to ever return to our successful, functioning and law-abiding national history.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. What is left on is the fact that our schools have been taken over and have become indoctrination centers for leftism. Many kids never qake up to the truth and are taught to hate Amrican values and freedoms

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